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For most of us, our wedding is an event that would make it to the highlight reel of our life! But planning a wedding on the other hand is not all that fun as it involves a lot of patience, hard work, energy and some sleepless nights as well!

Just married
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Amidst all the chaos, the pre-wedding photo shoot comes as a respite from all the hassle involved around planning a wedding.This is when the bride and the groom can call for a time-out to finally relax, let free and share a few romantic moments at stunning photo shoot venues!And when we talk about the D-day, the part that is most looked forward to (apart from saying ‘I do’ and the food, ofcourse) is the photo shoot because the wedding day usually just whizzes past you, and to relive it, we all end up turning back to our wedding photographs!

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Now that we have established the importance of photo shoots, why just stop at wedding pictures, we encourage you to go one step further and hire a photographer for a honeymoon photo shoot as well! For those of you who need some more convincing, we have listed down 10 reasons why you should hire a honeymoon photographer.

1. It’s your first big adventure together as husband and wife!

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After being officially declared as man and wife, your honeymoon is the first destination you head to in this new chapter of your lives! It is just as special as your wedding and hence deserves to be documented just as beautifully! So don’t think twice before hiring a honeymoon photographer to chronicle this special trip for you forever!

2. It’s the time to …Relax!

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After standing for hours and greeting an endless number of guests, most of the couples cannot wait to escape on their much awaited honeymoon as honeymoons are meant for relaxing with your spouse, enjoying each other’s companyaway from all the judgy eyes of relatives and soaking in the beauty of your honeymoon destination! Why interrupt your relaxation phase with the burden of clicking pictures to look back at later? Simply hire a honeymoon photographer who can take over the photo-shoto business while you can focus onsimply enjoying the location with your partner!

3. Say no to Selfies & Awkward pictures

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Taking pictures at a touristy location is no joke! Most of the pictures that you take would be selfies which will most definitely be bombarded by the heads or flailing hands of passerbys. Apart from that, you gotta hold your arm out until your partner has fixed their hair for the 5th time–oops–then they blinked. Oh, and all the different angles that you have to try to get both yourselves and the epic background visible and in focus for the shot is a whole other issue!And if by any chance you wanted to try a different pose, you would have to ask strangers to take a picture, which well in most cases would be shaky or blurred! Put an end to all this awkwardness, simply hire a honeymoon photographer, who being a professional will ensure that you have clear, crisp and artistic photographs!

4. Content for the gram

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In today’s time, instagram has become the storybook of our lives. Most of us upload pictures of major life events there from time to time. After gracing the feed of your followers with some jaw-dropping pre-wedding and wedding pictures, it’s time to keep up the good work and shower them with professional pictures from your picturesque honeymoon location as well!

5. Convenience

While visiting Prague castle, the cute couple were posing for pictures on the top of the city, in Prague castle’s entrance.
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Aren’t your arms tired of taking countless selfies? You would say no, we have a selfie stick for that very reason. Okay, but then what about the quality of your pictures? To this you would say that you own a DSLR! But who is going to capture your photo in the DSLR? And do you really want to carry around a tripod or a selfie stick or a DSLR with you all the time? The answer would most likely be no! Why go through all the trouble when you can simply hire a honeymoon photographer who can make sure that you have professional grade pictures without all the hassle!

6. Quality matters

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Cellphone cameras are easy and free but lack the professional detailed quality that a professional photoshoot will deliver. Switch from those blurry pix-elated images to clear, crisp shots that will ensure that your honeymoon pictures are shot in a beautifully special and artistic way! You can be assured that the photographs taken by a professional will come out with amazing clarity and precision!

7. Be present in the moment!

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Your honeymoon is all about spending quality time with your partner, exploring the destination, walking hand in hand into the sunset, talking sweet nothings! You really shouldn’t be worried about getting good pictures at all the beautiful locations and distract yourselves from each other’s company! Be present in the moment and immerse yourself in the beauty of the destination along with your partner and leave the worries related to capturing good pictures to your honeymoon photographer!

8. Locals know locales the best

By hiring a photographer who is a local, you have practically hired a map that will lead you to the best locations in town! Locals know locales the best, some of which may even be hidden gems, away from the crowd, where you could enjoy some peaceful time with your partner and get some really great pictures! Also by having a local photographer you have with you someone who can provide insider expertise about all the good eateries and shopping streets! It would also be easier to converse with people as they would know the local language as well!

9. Make every side your best side

Out shooting sunset pictures at Gaviota Beach, when I bumped into photographer, Minh Tran.
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A professional photographer knows all about the best angles and lighting that would make your pictures pop! Plus, they know all the secrets of the trade and can suggest poses so you look natural and candid. So you no longer need to sacrifice showing your good side just because it is the same as that of your partner! Leave all these worries to the master of the trade and simply focus on making the most of this valuable time with your partner!

10. Because why not!

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Need we say more? Just go for it and hire professional vacation photographers from Travographer to make sure you have some AMAZINGGGG honeymoon pictures because, why not!?