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One thing that is perhaps as important as the destination itself is the person that you’re travelling to that destination with! Going on a trip whether it’s short or long, is best shared with a Travel mate who understands you. Just any friend may not necessarily be your Travel mate.So if you want your trip to be a real happening and sensational one, then run through this list of 10 signs that will point you to your Travel mate!

1.     Budget twinning

Photo by Zachary Keimig / Unsplash

One of the most important things while traveling is your budget! Your budget more or less drives your trip, so it is of utmost importance that your Travel mate and you are twinning when it comes to the travel budget! You don’t want to be bickering with each other while lounging on a beautiful beach about who is supposed to pay or why the other spent more than what was decided! That’s an absolute no-no, and hence make sure that you guys share similar thoughts when it comes to how light you want your purses to be!

2.     Planning Style

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Photo by oxana v / Unsplash

Opposites may not always attract when it comes to planning a trip with a person who has a polar different style of planning than yours! If you’re someone that likes to wake up in the morning and just walking until you reach your destination, whereas your mate is the one who likes to plan everything right down to the second they will go back to bed, might lead to some unwanted friction! So even if you’re total opposites, be sure that you’re willing to meet each other halfway and balance it out or even better, find someone that has the same planning style as you!

3.     You’re okay being around them 24*7

Best Friends
Photo by ian dooley / Unsplash

This is kinda obvious! If you like your buddy a lot, but not enough to want to spend 24 hours with them, then that might make things a little awkward. Whereas it’s absolutely normal to occasionally want to have some me time, but when you’re on a trip, make sure to share the trip with a person with whom you could chat for hours and be comfortable sharing silences as well without it becoming awkward! So if you’re heading out together for a trip where you’re going to be roommates, then be certain that you feel okay being around them 24*7!

4.     Does not judge you!

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Photo by MARK ADRIANE / Unsplash

Your Travel mate can be a little mental but definitely should not be judgmental! Everyone is different and has a lot of different habits and quirks. You could be a snorer or your mate could be a sleep-talker or you like to have salt in your coffee, be it whatever, your Travel mate should not judge you for being you! You wouldn’t be able to enjoy the trip fully if your entire focus is on presenting your best self, so choose wisely!

5.     Responsible

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Photo by John Schnobrich / Unsplash

We’re not saying that your Travel mate needs to be Mister or Miss Responsibility, but they definitely should not be acting like a 3-year-old left at the play park! It is best to travel with a knowledgeable, smart, and caring partner because all these qualities indicate their responsible nature! Another plus point of having a responsible Travel mate is that you would feel secure throughout your trip and you can take turns in being the irresponsible one at times!

6.     Has the sixth sense: Sense of humor

Men laughing by green valley
Photo by Matheus Ferrero / Unsplash

Do you know what makes traveling even more interesting? It is traveling with a mate who has a great sense of humor! If you and your partner are the kind of people who can see the funny side of a serious/ embarrassing situation then your trip is guaranteed to be 100 times better already! Situations such as unexpected flight delays or catching a stomach bug or stumbling down the stairs in broad daylight can become highlights of your trip if the two of you have a good sense of humor!

7.     Decision- maker

Chilling with mates, passing the time and having a laugh whilst doing so!
Photo by Marcus Wallis / Unsplash

Let’s face it; sometimes it can get quite annoying when your Travel mate’s answer to every question is ‘anything is fine by me, you decide!’ Making decisions all day every day can be exhausting and sometimes you just want your Travel mate to control the steering wheel! So you should find someone who knows what they want as that can save a lot of time that can otherwise be used in exploring the new land!

8.     Spontaneous and adventurous!

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Photo by Colton Jones / Unsplash

Hey, a little spontaneity every once in a while has hurt nobody! When you're travelling, it is 80% important to have at least a rough itinerary about how you would be spending your time in the new city and jotting down the places you would definitely want to visit! But in our opinion, 20% importance should also be given to being spontaneous! A diversion from your daily pre-decided plan should not be a cause for irritation for your Travel mate as sometimes a spontaneous plan gives way to the best part of your entire trip! So do find someone who is adventurous enough to be spontaneous!

9.      Same-pinch for similar interests!

Twins exploring the citadel.
Photo by Rowan Heuvel / Unsplash

It would make your trip a smooth sailing experience if your interests match that of your Travel mate. Right from the places you want to visit to being foodies to trying out adventure sports to dancing the night away at clubs to shopping, the list is quite long! So even if they don’t check all the boxes, the main ones definitely should get checked, and hence search far and wide to find that one person who you can give a same-pinch to for having similar interests!

10.   Does not mind playing photographer

Photo by Thom Holmes / Unsplash

If your partner loves taking pictures of nature and you love taking pictures of yourself then there might be some disappointed faces! To avoid that, find a Travel mate who is patient enough to take pictures of you in front of all the beautiful spots in all possible angles and also who understands or even better shares the same feelings about having an aesthetically pleasing social media feed! And for all the times, when neither of you are in the mood to click pictures but still want Instagram- worthy, professional-grade pictures, do hire travel photographers from Travographer.