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Nearly every city has some kind of monument, monuments, statues of long dead people, or pieces of art that are created to celebrate a national occasion, for example. Sometimes we recognize the names on them. Not often we. Most of these monuments have become part of the scenery; We follow them and barely notice them. However, there are some monuments that can never fade into the background, either because they are too big, too striking, or because they are just plain weird. Here, we take a look at some of them.

10.Child Eater fountain at bern

In 1545, the city council in the Swiss city of Bern commissioned Hans Giang to erect a statue to remove the 100-year-old one, which had fallen into disarray. What was there before is not known. What Gian created was enough to give the citizens of Bern's nights. The statue depicts a giant child eating. She is holding another terrorized infant as well as filling a sack. It is not clear what the meaning behind the statue was, except, perhaps, do not bring your children to the barn if they cry. When he swallows a child's head, Vishal remembers his food. [1] Kindlifresserbrunnen (meaning "ogre fountain" or "child-eater fountain") is called the damned. According to local tradition, the fountain overflows with alcohol on Christmas night, but if it is drunk, the imiber has a devil. And perhaps develops an unquenchable appetite for cherries?

9 st. A Dead Horse

Upside Down Riding Wenceslas St. Wenceslas at Wenceslas Square in Prague, the popular "Good King Wenceslas" is the statue of the good king of Christmas carols. The statue looks very traditional, though a little military for a saint, with Vancelas proudly riding his horse, wearing a military uniform and helmet, and carrying a lance. It can be any statue anywhere in the world. In the early 10th century King Winselus was an important historical figure in Prague, who ruled the country. Unlike his brother Bolslaus the Cruel, he was called an impartial king, who eventually assassinated him. (Although with such a name, it is little wonder that he was mistaken) the United Nations turned out. There is another statue away in a corner of Wenceslas Square. Inside the Lucerne dice, you will find St Vincelas equally magnificent, riding a horse that is not only dead but hung upside down and suspended from the ceiling. [2] Artist David Cerny believed that the attack was intended as an attack, not on a beloved Czech icon, as on the Czech president, Véclave Klaus. What he wanted to say is anybody's guess.

8 Leshan Giant Buddha

There is the Vishal Buddha, and then there is the Vishal Buddha. The Buddha in Leshan stands at an elevation of 71 meters (233 ft). Built of sandstone rocks in China's Sichuan Province, the Buddha is said to be the largest pre-modern statue and the world's largest stone Buddha. In the eighth century, the work of carving the statue that saw the confluence of three rivers began. The statue is relatively inaccessible due to the terrain and has helped preserve the Buddha. The construction was initiated by a monk named Haitong, who hoped it would soothe the turbulent waters where the three rivers meet. When construction was threatened by local authorities, Haitong is said to have opened his eyes to demonstrate his piety and honesty. He was soon allowed to continue, presumably because he was worried about what else he would bite if he refused. Unfortunately, Haitong was not alive to witness the completion of the statue, but he must have been happy to learn that the creation of the Buddha led to the wreckage in the river, which changed its course and actually calmed the water at the point done. Where Buddha's eyes gaze.

7 Alton Barnes

White Horse In 1812, a farmer named Robert Pyle paid a lavish sum of £ 20 to a man named Jack Painter (who, luckily, a painter) designed and cut a horse in the hilly area of ​​Wiltshire, England. It was one of the nine horses that were cut during this time in the hills of the region. No one seems to know why. The design was carved out of the hill, with tons of clay scattered outside and far. It was then packed with chalk so that it stood in white against the green hills and could be seen from a large distance. Jack the Painter, however, was something of a con man and Jack, after leaving the job with half the money, handed over the job to another man, who had left the job.  Despite his ominous debut, Elton Barnes White Horse was finally completed after Robert Point was paid to build again. The horse is about 55 meters (180 ft) high and 49 meters (160 ft) tall. Since its making it has been linked with chalk several times and can still be seen galloping across Wiltshire Downs in search of its companions.

6 A giant thumb

Caesar Baldacini was a French sculptor and part of the Nouveau Realism (New Realism) movement. This French art movement created pieces using unusual materials. Baldaccini created many stunning sculptures from compact cars and other pieces of junk. One of his most famous works is, somewhat unannounced, a thumb. At 6 meters (20 ft) high, the artist's own bronze thumb image is the second one he has constructed. (The original was 12 meters [40 feet] long!) Baldakini did not discuss the meaning of his work. However, it is clear that the meaning of this artwork is, well, thumb.

5 Georgia Guidestone

Georgia Guidance was created in 1980. One person called himself R.C. Christian, the stones were constructed with fairly elaborate secrecy, and the true identity was R.C. The Christian will, in all probability, will never be known. However, stones themselves are a type of heritage. Constructed from six huge pieces of granite, the stones have the instructions of mankind surviving in eight modern languages. Among the orders is the ruling that the population must be controlled, that reproduction must be "directed" to maintain the survival of the fittest, and that disputes between nations should be settled in a World Court. The stones include some basic astronomical features, such as a hole in the rock through which the north star can be seen. The capstone can act as a type of calendar should you need one. The reasons for these features are unspecified. However, more information is yet to come. The stones are rumoured to have a time capsule hidden somewhere at their base, which Armageddon finally arrives to open.

4 hand of the desert

The Atacama Desert is one of the driest and most remote places on Earth. Parts of the desert have not seen rain for decades. This is not the kind of place that will attract a lot of visitors. This was a bizarre choice of site, so for sculptor Mario Irrazabal when choosing his latest artwork - a giant hand measuring 11 meters (36 ft) high. The hand is said to represent all the victims of torture and injustice that occurred during military rule in Chile and symbolizes their indomitable spirit and the power of love to overcome evil. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way. Despite its out-of-the-way location, the piece is a regular target for vandals and graffiti artists who, we might think, also say something about the taggers' indomitable spirit.  

3 The hanging man

If you walk down a street in Prague's Old Town district, you may be shocked to suspend a man with a flag. Emergency services have received several calls from concerned buyers who believed they were attempting a suicide or harassing a person. Fortunately, they were not. What they were really looking for was a statue of Sigmund Freud made by David Cerny (who also made the horse mentioned earlier). It is said to represent the fear of Freud's death. [represent] The person who spent his life explaining the apprehensions of others, had a terrible fear of death. Cerny is no stranger to controversy. He was the artist responsible for painting a Soviet tank pink. The tank was part of a monument set up to celebrate the liberation of Prague after World War II. Cerny was arrested and briefly provoked for vandalism.

2 Dunmore Pineapples

In 1761, Karna of Dunmore decided to build himself a summerhouse. He loved Summerhouse. And he also loved fruit. So it seemed natural, at least, to make a summerhouse in the shape of a fruit itself. At that time, pineapple was the most exotic fruit seen in Scotland. Summerhouse's pineapple is 11.2 meters (37 ft) high. The structure consists of four "vases" at the base of a pineapple, which are, in fact, hidden chimneys used for heating systems, which were placed for the spouses below. Hothouse certainly promoted many exotic fruits and vegetables including pineapple. All things considered, it is probably a good thing that bananas were not widely available in Britain until the end of the 19th century.

1 Sinks library

Created by Petrus Spronk, the piece, which is named the Architectural Fragment, is one of the many incense pieces the artist has installed around the world and is meant to symbolize the fragile and transitory nature of humans, which Very upset. However, the piece is similar to one of those "glass half-filled" moments. You can see the sinking of the library as the destruction of civilization and the disappearance of knowledge. Or maybe it is a new civilization by breaking down the barriers around the old, which brings new expanses of learning and hope.