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We all know that travel has changed. So much so that in 2020 it largely stalled.

How does the world's largest industry that affects the lives of millions of people suddenly come to a halt? No one could have imagined that this could ever happen, but it happened and it changed all our lives forever!

One thing I know for sure, travel will never die permanently. Its desire is very high as it gives so much joy and prosperity to our life.

We will always seek it and fight for it.

News of successful vaccines is giving us the comfort we all need to start dipping our toes in the journey in 2021. Here are some travel trends that are going to happen this year.

Travel is a priority

With some airport terminals closed and several months under house arrest, we realize what's important to us.

It certainly isn't the daily grind of getting up, going to work, paying bills, falling into bed, rinsing and repeating.

We yearn for health, adventure and connectedness – with ourselves, each other, and Mother Nature. This is a balm for our souls!

The Earth and I
Photo by Noah Buscher / Unsplash

Sustainable travel

Have travelers heard the call of Mother Earth during this pandemic? We hope you were listening to them long before this.

When planes stopped taking off, Earth breathed a sigh of relief, cruise ships stopped their relentless pollution, and crowds were driven out of Venice.

We can't get back to what it was. The old way did not think of over-consumption of nature on a global scale.

Tourism boards will put their heads together to come up with better plans for number management and the impact on their local environments and communities.

I hope consumers are seeing how they can balance their love for travel and how many gifts it gives them to go more slowly.

Higher value and service

In 2021, travelers want more value and they want it from a transparent and reliable booking platform.

2020 has been a tough financial year for many. Money should not be wasted on unnecessary experiences and unnecessary costs.

Respect will be given to companies that can stand up and support the needs of consumers. They are demanding that you put them first and be clear about your cancellation policies, refund procedures, and insurance options.

Due diligence will be the focus word for travelers in 2021. And this method of finding value will last for years to come.

A few tips for researching and planning a trip with travel companies we trust.

Credit card reward points will be more lucrative than ever and people will be hacking into free travel. We are already seeing more than the usual sign up bonus.

Tall earthy green pine trees on a tall mountain on the island of Oahu on hawaii
Photo by Brian Garrity / Unsplash

Simplicity and solitude

There are buffets, tour buses and charming hotel stays. Many people crave simplicity more than ever.

They have become used to solitude and isolation and will not be in a hurry to return to fast paced, normal experiences and crowded areas.

Let me pitch a tent in the woods or stay with loved ones in a house on the beach where we can cook our own food, connect with our own happy hour, and have simple conversation and connection with a view on our private deck Enjoy it!

Stand up paddle boards, kayaks and bikes flew off the shelves as the lock down began.

Once you make a habit and fall in love with these healthy experiences deep in nature you really want to step back from it. Nature and outdoor adventure will be the main event of 2021.

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Photo by Dino Reichmuth / Unsplash

Domestic road trips

It feels fun to share home road trips as a trend, when we've been living the trend full time for 7 years! The more I road trip, the more I wander through airports.

Road tripping is more simple, fun, liberating, flexible and generally cheaper. It lends itself to so many cool adventures — many off the beaten path — with so many people you love.

Again, going back to simplicity, solitude and fewer touch points to worry about.