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  1. Taxi or Scooter - not a rental car
    Traffic is a mess on these small, winding roads. There are many places here where cars cannot normally pass, so you have to wait for a car to pull up and go. On NYE or other days with traffic, people don't always consider pulling and they're basically in a head-on stand-off, then more traffic comes in and it's actually a standstill on pure stupidity. Because of this, you either want to be in a scooter, which you can squeeze through traffic or you want to be in a taxi that you can just get out and walk the rest of the way. In Anjuna Beach, people have actually abandoned their cars during traffic and then it is a disaster.
  2. Pick a place and stay there
    This is due to two reasons: the entry price and the traffic.
    Traffic is a mess so it is best to go out a bit and stay outside first. Entry prices are high on NYE as well, so you only want to pay a cover. Mostly a couple will have around Rs 2,000 per person or maybe Rs 3,000 even if there is one person. Drinks can also be more expensive.
    If you are a single person going to a party, you will pay more, while couples pay less. This is because there is not just a group of friends at parties!
Epic Goa Nightlife: Most Popular Party Places in Goa

3. Book Accommodation ASAP
If you expect a booking in advance, go to it! Prices go up so much. You can check out Agoda which usually gives the best rates in Asia. Also, see my list of budget places to stay in Goa and boutique places to stay - but I'm sure they are mostly booked.
Definitely, try an Airbnb if you are in a group. Goa has 14 cute AirBNBs for all budgets.
If you go for an Airbnb, you can use your link to get up to $ 40 off your booking if it is a new account. Make sure you choose a place that has some reviews.

4. Find a good party
Hilltop is perhaps the most famous trance party on New Year's Eve. Embed a YouTube video below so you can see what the vibe is all about. You can also book Hilltop online ahead of time. Most parties here will be trance, but it is noted that the house music (I presume it is home?) In Chronicle and Waters.
Clubs on Club Cubana, Cinque, LPK, Tito Lane, Club Fresh and the like will be packed and possibly charge around Rs 2,000. If you want to be near the sea, you can also see beaches like Kareela or Shiva Valley.
Most parties will go well the next day and around 10am many people will leave for the morning party to finish the night at the Hilton.
There are several small quiet parties, but they usually say where the date is closer to. I recommend looking at whatsupgoa.com to see the NYE flyer and make the choice to point out like a party.

5. Improve drink and drive
The roads here are winding, full of pits and speed which you consider to be notice until it is too late. There will be drunk / high drivers that make the roads more dangerous. Also, there are police checkpoints set up all over the city and they will pull you up - they can randomly pull over any car they want. The parties will also have undercover plainclothes police.
To be fair, I was probably out of this NYE. The previous years spent a duet in Vayu, which was quiet, but the drive from there is 30 minutes (without traffic) and is a bad way to end a long night. Even did a NYE duet at Tesu when Soma did parties, but I assumed they were doing one this year. Last year, I ended up at a trance house party, which is my vibe (I love trance music) and sat in traffic for ages. So, Ben and I are determined to avoid NYE altogether this year, haha!