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Malaysia is one of the most diverse countries with different ethnicities, whose effects can be famously found in its rich cuisine. Look around and you can still see traces of its colonial past in old buildings such as the unfinished Kelly's Castle and City Hall. However once it is understood that about all the bustling cities and shopping districts of Malaysia, it is an incredibly rich natural landscape. Malaysia is also an easy place to travel to in the first place. But, like any country, it pays to know a few things before jetting off. Check out these Malaysia travel tips that will make your vacation a memory.

7 Malaysia Travel Tips For First Time Visitors
Malaysia is undoubtedly one of the best places to vacation, but to ensure that your experience is also impeccable, planning and packing wisely is of paramount importance. Take a look at these top tips that will help you get the most out of your vacation.

1. About What To Pack And What To Wear

malaysia packing travel tip

Malaysia is located near the equator and enjoys a tropical climate. It is hot and humid for most of the year, although the highlands are cold. However, you will not have to wear woolen clothes. Our Malaysia travel tips for clothing include a loose-fitting lightweight clothing such as cotton and a selection of items. Also go for lighter colors and avoid black at all costs! You want to reflect the heat and not absorb it.

Malaysia is a modern country but it is still conservative, especially in some regions. Exposure to too much bare skin causes the skin to become scorched and unsatisfied. If you are planning to visit a place of worship, you will have to cover your hair or wear traditional clothes. For example, wear these places with scarves, light pants and long skirts.

2. About Transport In Malaysia

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Malaysia cities are well connected and easy to reach around. Taxi, bus and train can be used to get from one place to another. If you are in Kuala Lumpur, KL Santra station is your main point of departure as it connects the city to many other provinces.
Major cities provide affordable public transport like buses. They are also a convenient way to travel. Meanwhile, a taxi is the most practical way to walk between short distances. However, they are unmetered and you must decide the rent in advance. If you need to travel one way, you can opt for long distance taxi or intercity bus. For many travelers, taxis are the best option for short distances and public transport for long distances.

3. About Food

malaysia food travel tip

Next meal is on our Malaysia Travel Guide. Like many Southeast Asian countries, street food is extremely popular because it is cheap and tasty. You can find it almost anywhere but the best capital is in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Rojak (fruit and vegetable salad), apom balik (stuffed pancake) and koé chip (duck and noodle soup) are some examples of popular street food. There are many more with each seeming to be better than the next! Depending on what you eat and where, street food usually does not exceed INR 200.

4. About Best Places To Visit In Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur is the first place that comes to mind when planning to visit Malaysia. However, there are other destinations that are just as attractive. Check them out for our Malaysia Short Travel Tips and Long Holidays.

Rava Island: Ideal for holiday vacations, Rava Island is a beautiful coral island in Johor. It is known for its abundance of raw pigeons, which gave the island its name. Snorkeling is one of the main things to be done here and you can spend the day exploring marine life.

Penang: The state of Penang is rich with tourist hotspots such as the capital of Georgetown and its quaint old city center. The UNESCO World Heritage Site consists of old structures including religious structures and colonial buildings. When you walk away from the city, you will find delightful beaches and fishing villages, which will be disturbed by the action. Penang Hill and Penang National Park offer a lot of hiking opportunities and if you are a outdoors lover, you will enjoy the scenery and exploring wildlife.

Langkawi: About 100 islands make up the archipelago of Langkawi. The main island boasts lush green hills and a spectacular coastline that travelers engage to explore. Diving is huge here and is the best way to familiarize yourself with maritime attractions. While here, you can rent a pocket wifi device to stay in touch with loved ones and of course, connect online to share enviable photos! Langkawi has no public transport system, so the surrounding means you have to walk, rent a taxi or, best of all, rent a two-wheeler. Kuala Lumpur: The capital of Malaysia is a place that is buzzing with energy. The modern metropolis is the ultimate shopping and nightlife destination in the country. It is home to the Patronus Towers, two skyscrapers that were at one time the tallest buildings on Earth. Tourist centers like the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery give you a chance to see the history of the capital through dioramas and guided tours. Kuala Lumpur also has the Batu Caves, a limestone habitation.

Johor Bahru: Johor Bahru, the capital of Johor, is a vibrant city with a mix of old temples, mosques and theme parks. It is also home to the country's first international theme park, Legoland. It is not just for children who will enjoy it; It would be a great time for adults too!
For the first-time visitor, Legoland Malaysia travel tips include booking a taxi in advance at your hotel. This will help you avoid paying an extra fare to get a ride home from taxis waiting outside the park. Like most theme parks, food is expensive, so consider eating in advance!

5. About Best Things To Do In Malaysia

things-to-do_22nd oct

The first activity on our Malaysia guide is to take in destinations like Legoland, Georgetown and the beaches. Once you have closed them, you can go to other places.
One of the suggestions of our trip to Malaysia Kuala Lumpur is to explore Jalan Alor where food is visible everywhere you look. Go in the evening when the street is alive with vendors making delicious Malaysian fare. If you are in Langkawi, visit the islands to find out what the archipelago has to offer. Half-day and full-day tours can be booked with activities such as snorkeling and diving. Do not go on a trip to Malacca where you can explore the architecture and admire the red lacquer buildings.

6. About their local language

malaysian people

Before going to Malaysia, learn some phrases in their local language that will help you get around the places. It is possible that they do not speak English or your mother tongue. Phrases like 'how much', what is the time, etc. can help you to a great extent in some situations. The locals will not appreciate your effort but will love you more for speaking in their language and introduce you more lovingly and warmly.

7. About local events & Festivals

festivals in malaysia

If you want to make your trip to Malaysia the best and have a unique experience, keep an eye on local events and festivals that occur during your trip. This is the best way to travel locally like a tourist. And trust us, you will have a time of your life on these occasions and your trip will be different from other people's travel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Holiday In Malaysia

Q. What are the top safety tips for traveling to Malaysia?

A. Some things should be kept in mind for your safety while going to Malaysia: 1. Be aware of your surroundings.2. Keep your passport safe with you at all times. 3. Read about local laws. ४. Make sure you are not wandering alone until late at night. Have any clothes suggestions for traveling to Malaysia?
A. Since Malaysia is a tropical place, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when packing your clothes, making sure you pack a more comfortable summer outfit that is mostly cotton than anything else. .

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