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As I went through my camera roll at home in this quarantine season, I decided to share bits and pieces of the memorable trip, remembering my Maldivian getaway from last year.


My vacation to the island country began on a fun yet shocking note as there was no phone reception for our usual Indian telecommunications network and my parents bought liquor from a duty-free shop, confiscated at the airport Was taken because no alcohol in the Maldives offers to be brought to their country. Nevertheless, it was the most memorable experience of my life!

It All Started Like This


In June last year, my parents decided to go on a family trip to the Maldives to celebrate my grades in the Class 10 board exams. Needless to say, this was an excellent choice. Our journey started from Chandigarh, from where we flew to Mumbai. Having grown up in and around Thailand, I have always felt at home on the beaches, so it was a given that I am excited to move to this country. After a night stay in Mumbai, we flew to Maldives the next day.

After leaving the Indian coastline and flying over the uninterrupted expanse of the Blue Sea for at least two hours, the atoms of the Maldives came into view. I can never lose the initial excitement of seeing the resorts that I have only featured in magazines and travelogues. I am also relieved that we chose Maldives because it is a few meters above sea level and environmentalists say that global warming could sink if it goes at the same rate. I didn't want to wait until this destination was on my bucket list.


By the time we arrived, it was already evening, we had not done much that day. From the airport, we took the boat to Adaran Presti Vaddu, located on the South Male Atoll, which was to be our home for the next 3 days. The resort met us with fresh coconut water and garlands. In our room, he read tropical fruits, snacks and a bottle of champagne. The bathroom had glass floors and the suite included a private pool. They certainly knew how to spoil the guests. We walked towards dinner that night and that was the moment when I ate and fell in love with this small country and its culture.


Since the weather gods were a bit ruthless on the first day, we could not go anywhere due to heavy rain. As it cleared up by noon, I decided to explore the resort. Before the rain starts again I must make two trips to the whole island. Later when the sun shone for a while, we went for a swim. Dinner was a meal that I eagerly looked forward to, as the chefs prepared a new menu every day and could never be happier. Being a huge meat lover, we had the most satisfying experience in three days.

Maldivian Food is Underrated


No one really talks about Maldivian food. It is always about the beaches. Maldivian food also includes a Sri Lankan influence. I had the opportunity to try out the different types of streams that the place had to offer. Among other dishes, I tried Bis Alchemy, which is a tuna-filled pastry and an absolute delight for fish lovers. The hedica is a snack that is more than samosas in Maldives. Sai, which is also sung with tea, is actually a Maldives tea. I came to know that coconut was an integral part of their cuisine. Not fond of seafood? Don't worry, they offer various international cuisines.

Snorkelling from the Comfort of Our Suites


We also went snorkeling from the comfort of our own suite. You may ask how? Each room has stairs that lead directly to the sea. I put my knees against the reefs several times but it was worth it. It was beautiful to see small fish swimming and only to keep balance with each wave. I learned two lessons that day - first, like those fish, when you are derailed, get up and go over it again, and secondly, it is possible that we will support those fish.

After hours of snorkeling, I slept and woke up only to find that my parents had gone out to lunch. Despite being familiar with the resort's methods, I managed to wander far and wide but not in the direction of the restaurant. When one of the staff members noticed that I had crossed the same spot, at least three times, he asked himself if I had lost any chance and if I had to call my parents need to. Troubled, I asked for directions and went my way. We spent our evenings in the lounge while my parents enjoyed the happy hour with complimentary spiced popcorn, which I must add was absolutely delicious.

Finally, the Sun showed up!


The temper of the weather gods must have completely subsided on the third day as it was sunny and we can enjoy everything to the maximum. After another round of snorkeling, we put on our swimwear, wore flip-flops, and soaked ourselves in sunscreen to go to the beach. I was apprehensive about stepping into the water to see me hiding from the pillars as I walked on the deck, which connected the suites to the main island. I walked into the sea for a bit and then ran back when I confused a rock for a stingray. We sunbathed, clicked more and more photos, and bought small globs of snow with sand and shells.

The trip also substituted for me as a fashion show, as I brought along all the skimpy clothes you would not normally wear on normal days, and whenever I had the chance, I would change.


I saw the sunset, the likes of which I had never seen before. The soft hawks and waves of pink and purple spilling into the sky, along with the different clouds, separated against the pillars that completed the deck in a rhythmic manner. During the day, the sunlight dances on the lush green trees covering the interior paths on the island, giving the much-desired golden hour glow in the evening.


The staff was quite homely and looked like Indians, who addressed my father as an Indian to confuse a native Maldivian and almost like an Indian. It was not enough to explore everything the country had to offer for three days but I enjoyed myself well. In a blink of an eye, the holiday is over and I return to the monotonous city life again, looking at our photos from the trip. My advice to anyone posting COVID-19 is to have enough days to go on a trip to Male, try to watch dolphins and go scuba diving. Also, visit during the Indian winter season. This was my most luxurious beach holiday and it was worth every penny!