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Man cooking pork
Photo by Scott Madore / Unsplash

The number one Korea street food you have to eat is Tetokbokki, a spicy rice cake cooked in Gochujung. You can find utensils bubbling with rice cakes in a bright red chutney all over Seoul. The rice cakes are chewy and the sauce is sweet and spicy.

Fish Cake

Commonly known as Odeng in Japanese, Iomuk is the original Korean word and is tang soup as you are also served a cup of broth with fishcake skewer. I have eaten fishcake on a stick in Taiwan, but it is always in ball form so I enjoyed eating it in this swiggle form!

Korean donuts

Freshly fried sweet or salty pastries - try not to eat them all like I did! Sweet pastries are coated with sugar and delicious pastries are filled with different types of meat.

Traditional Korean Street Food
Photo by Crystal Jo / Unsplash

Pig feet

Trying to eat stewed pork while shopping in the market.

banana milk

Korea loves banana milk and you can find these small cartons at every convenience store. There is also strawberry, and blueberry milk, but the most popular is banana that also has its own cafe. This is very good!

steamed buns

When I walked past these kimchi pork steamed buns that had just come out of the oven, I had to take one and the first bite was heavenly.

Live octopus in korea

Although it is not technically "street food", there were a lot of restaurants selling live octopus by street food stands. Live octopus is a delicious dish in Korea and it is so refreshing because Korea is by the sea. I was very surprised by the texture - not thin but chewed and slightly crunchy. If they apply sesame oil on the octopus, it is very tasty. I highly recommend trying live octopus in Korea if you are not satirizing!

Moong Dal Pancake

The moong beans are grinded and then fried for a moong pancake. If you see it then try the seafood and kimchi pancake too!

A 2€ meal in a dark back alley in Seoul. One of my best memories of korea.
Photo by Jolan Wathelet / Unsplash

blood sausage

Boar's blood and glass noodles are boiled or filled in steam in the intestines of a cow or pig.


Sweet, boiled small loaves with an egg.

Croissant boong-uh-papango

The flaky croissant pastry dough is filled with apples or mangoes and pressed into a hot goldfish mold pan.

Tornado Potato

You usually always see at least one tornado potato street food stand - I've had them in Mexico City and Taipei but they are still fun to eat. A potato is sliced ​​into a swirl, fried, and then seasoned with different powders or sauces.

Restaurant in Japan
Photo by Alva Pratt / Unsplash

Gamja Hot Dog

There is always a hot dog stand but in Seoul, these are coated with french fries!

Korean Grilled Lobster Tails

The most expensive Korean street food grilled cheese goes to 15,000 won ($ 15) per pop in lobster.

roasted meat

You know there is going to be Korean BBQ as street food and it tastes great!

Korean Grilled Cheese

Koreans are obsessed with cheese so there are definitely skewers of rice cake with cheese and then grilled.

Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash


Korean dumplings stuffed with meat and vegetables, and fried until crisp and juicy from the inside.

Fresh Pomegranate Juice
You will need to wash all of that food and conveniently, these portable juice pouches have food stands serving fresh juices.

Baked scallops

Fresh scallops (they are pulled out of the tank!) Are covered with cheese and baked.

Serve sakura and black sesame soft

Korea has a lot of heat and humidity during summer so there are soft serve machines everywhere. The soft serve of sakura and black sesame was interesting and delicious!

Apple melon

This food stand was selling watermelons in the shape of apples, but I'm not sure if they were really small watermelons? They were 7000 won ($ 7) each so I did not try.