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Andaman is indeed one of the most beautiful and interesting destinations for both solo and group trips. Andaman is a great place for adventure enthusiasts to enjoy water activities. Explore the mangrove creek, which is a great place to hide.

Due to the variety of water sports available in the Andaman Islands, the islands are popular with adventure seekers. This place offers so many activities that it is impossible for anyone to get bored.

If you enjoy water sports and the sea, this vibrant and tropical paradise is the place for you. From snorkeling to scuba diving, a trip to the Andaman Islands will allow you to explore the sea of mysteries. You don't have to be an expert swimmer to dive into the sea with a life jacket on.

Here are the top 10 water sports you must try in Andaman

Banana Boat Rides

You won't want to miss this exciting and fun banana boat ride in Andaman. Only six people can ride the banana-shaped boat at once. A speedboat is attached to the dash, making it even more thrilling.

You don’t need to worry about topsy-turvy turns because life jackets will be provided, as well as an instructor ensuring your safety, you will also be accompanied by another member of the team.

Seakart Adventure

Seakart is the newest addition to Andaman and is the best experience so far in the islands. Nowhere else can you self-drive a watercraft in the ocean, and that too in safety. Two guests and one licensed instructor can ride in each Seakart. The instructor supervises you as you drive on your own on the waves. It is the first and only one in India, and it is available only in three destinations in the world - Mauritius, Dubai, and Andamans. Put this at the top of your bucket list. You don’t want to regret skipping it.

Snorkeling – Fun Activity

If you haven't tried snorkeling, give it a try and you'll know what you've been missing. Seeing the colorful reefs of Havelock Island through your goggles will make you understand why Ringo Starr wrote "Octopus's Garden". At North Bay Island, you can see the rarest corals and the underwater marine life while enjoying one of the best water sports in Andaman. We bet you won't be disappointed.

Scuba Diving

Every kid dreams of swimming with fish, exploring the underwater world, Andaman fulfills your childhood dream! In Andaman, scuba diving is the best way to experience the underwater world and get up close to marine life. An hour-long one-time dive (DSD) or a certified driving course are available.


Non-swimmers can also enjoy this incredible water sport in Andaman. Parasailing is water and airborne sport. You are harnessed to a parachute and tied to a motorboat like a kite,you follow the boat into the sea as it speeds off. It is superbly thrilling! You might even get to dive into the water while parasailing.


Paddle through the backwaters of Andaman to see and hear the sights and sounds of the tropical mangrove forest. For this soulful water activity in Andaman, you will receive gear, equipment, and a life jacket, along with the guidance of an expert.

Undersea Walking

Another superbly fun adventure sport in Andaman is underwater walking. No experience is required, no complicated equipment to handle, and you get to walk on the smooth and clean sand of the seafloor while wearing a helmet featuring a close-up view of the underwater world. No surprise it's one of the most popular water sports in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Are you excited to try Underwater SeaWalk in Andaman?

The instructors are always available, so it's perfectly safe. Furthermore, you could keep your glasses or contact lenses on and your fancy hairdo wouldn't get ruined either. Elephant Beach is one of the best places for SeaWalking in Andaman.

Inter Tidal Walks

With the tide receding, rocks on some beaches reveal the intertidal zone where you can explore a new ecosystem. Small pools are created by the rocky beaches that still contain marine life. It's fun to walk through an intertidal zone and explore the marine life held back in pools because you can get up close to the marine life in its habitat. If you are lucky, you can see crabs, mudskippers, fish, and even starfish.

Jet Skiing

Feel the thrill as you zip through the waves in a criss-cross pattern. Wind and ocean water sprinkling all over the face will make the experience even more memorable and charming.

Once you reach there, the accomplished experts will acquaint you with the basics of the jet ski.  After the preparation, you will end up zooming through the sea and hustling against the breeze, which will ultimately satisfy your hunger for adventure.

Seaplane Ride

The Andaman Islands are the first place in India to introduce commercial seaplanes. You just can't miss a ride in one of these; it's easily one of the best adventure sports in Andaman. They can carry nine passengers at a time and fly between Port Blair and Havelock Island. The ride takes only 15 minutes, but taking the ferry would take 2 hours. Why not enjoy one of the finest water sports at Andaman by taking the seaplane ride?

Boost your Adrenaline with this amazing water sports activity, create fun memory   on your trip to Andaman don’t forget to try all the amazing water sports to thick it off your bucket list. You would want to cherish this adventurous experience forever and we here at Travographer will help you do that with an amazing photoshoot on location!

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