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Here is a list of the most popular adventure games in Shimla that all you adventure hobbyists should try on their vacation. Keep scrolling down and read to learn more about them!

1. Camping: Stay under the stars

Whenever you think of a camping activity, visit Shimla as it is the best place to do so. It rightly offers the fun of camping and is situated in the lap of the vast expanse that nature has to offer. The mountains and streams around the camping area where you can spend your time, which you love. Camping is one of the most famous adventure sports in Shimla and you have the facility to camp below from the beginning, looking at the beautiful views of the surroundings. Accommodation in tents provides the best experience during camp.

2. Fishing: a fun activity

Fishing is another popular recreational sport in Shimla, due to the prevalence of shallow streams. These streams help tourists practice fishing as popularity has given the place its name as 'Paradise Angler Paradise'. Shimla is also known as the best treasure for Sport Fish with Rainbow and Brown, which is the best Sport Fish in the world. The Sangla Valley in Shimla is also popular for its wide availability of trout populations. Robaru is located in the Pabber Valley, one of the best places to be followed by many others.

3. Trekking: Sateet the inner adrenaline rush

Like any other mountainous region, trekking is also one of the famous adventure sports of Shimla. The hill paradise is spread over a vast area in various mountain ranges of the Himalayas. The best part of trekking here is to include the option of heavy trekking or even an easy walk in the forest. The best rest trek involves walking down the forest area to Jakhu Temple, which is also popular for being the highest point in Shimla. Another recommended trek is trekking towards Banjar valley trek, which can be explored to experience the magical beauty of Shimla.

4. River Rafting: A Thrilling Experience

Famous for its scenic beauty with its many streams and water bodies, this place has an excellent location making it an excellent place for water activities. One such adventure sport in Shimla is river rafting which has become highly famous as a result of rivers. Adventure sports in Shimla Himachal is generally preferred by the youth and adults who feel a sense of excitement and crowd during the activity. This is done in a rubber ding that is inflated. The cost of an activity usually varies based on its duration. Chamba to Tattapani is the preferred route of activity demonstration.

5. Paragliding: Fly Like a Bird

There can never be better paragliding activity than paragliding which lets you fly in the sky like a carefree bird. Over time, this activity has taken hold as one of the best adventure sports in Shimla. It provides an adrenaline rush while gliding through the air, making it a highly preferred activity among all. Shimla calls its beauty undoubtedly one of the best, and thus the 360-degree view of heaven is worth it. It launches in light winds when less space is required on the ground. This activity is popular in Kangra Valley which is the center of paragliding activity.

6. Ice Skating: Snow, Skates, and more

Shimla is extremely popular for the mountains which are covered with snow, especially in the winter months. The rink attracts a large number of tourists every year who arrive in Shimla to have an amazing ice skating experience. Ice is made here with the help of a unique strategy adopted by the British. The forested hills are covered with thick layers of snow making it an ideal place to do activity. The low temperatures in the winter months prevent the ice from melting, thus making this time of year an ideal for ice skating. Apart from the mountains, ice skating rinks are also available for beginners and it is one of the best adventure sports in Shimla.

7. Skiing: Try a new sport

Shimla is famous for the snow-capped mountain peaks and its slopes that make skiing a popular adventure sport. Skiing can be performed at many places in Shimla. Some of the prominent places where you can try skiing are Mahasu Ridge, which is located in Kufri and Hattu Peak in Narkanda. The Buland ranges make it ideal for tourists to try the sport. The main season of activity starts in January and lasts till March, thus making it one of the top adventure sports in Shimla among tourists. Thus the place attracts a large number of ski enthusiasts and provides a memorable experience for all.