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Every traveller has their own bucket list - whether they say it or not. You cannot travel and make mental notes about the places you want to visit. Obviously, all of this individual- each list is likely to be completely different from the others. But if you're on an extreme journey, some absolute-dos is needed if you want to cement your status as a globetrotting rogue. A lot of other lists along these lines specify you (Climb Everest! Ski's 2!), But the point of adventure travel is making it your own, and doing something you've never done before. So fill yourself in the details. But here are some things you absolutely must do.

Photo by Blake Wheeler / Unsplash

1 Bungee jumping

This is an activity that involves jumping from a long structure connected by a large elastic cord. It is a wonderful free-falling experience, especially when it is done off a cliff or on the beach, as it is still as beautiful as its original version. Where to try: Macau Tower, Macau Falling from a platform 233 meters high, you will experience a 4-5 second freefall before rebounding a 50 meter bungee cord about four times the length of your landing and about 30 meters above the ground.

2 rock climbing

Rock climbing is more challenging than freaky. You can choose to practice at local shops before hitting a large boulder. There are many places in India where rock climbing becomes really exciting and awakens the fundamental survival instinct in you.

Where to try: Wadi Rum Valley

Ascending on sandstone cliffs reaches 1800 meters above sea level. Top-ropers, traditional-climbers, boulders will find a great place to practice and refine their technique on the vertical terrain.

3 Cliff Face Camping Hanging

indefinitely in tents away from a 4,000-foot steep cliff would not give people an idea of ​​the perfect camping trip. But some daredevils erected rocks and raised their tents thousands of feet high.

Where to try: Laojun Mountain, China

Sleep in an anchor tent sitting on a 1,700-meter cliff face and be rewarded with breathtaking views of the ocean of clouds that fill the valley below. 4 cleaning and diving Scuba diving is a method of underwater diving in which a diver, with the help of breathing apparatus, best explores the ocean world. The best scuba dive sites would be near some underwater vessels, as they attract a lot of marine life, a view too good to be true. Where to try: Aqaba, Jordan Aqaba, located at the northeastern tip of the Red Sea, is the only coastal city in Jordan. Home to some beautiful, indigenous varieties of coral reefs, it has about 30 diving sites. Snorkeling and scuba-diving are two of the region's most popular aquatic adventure activities.

Sunrise Winter Drive
Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg / Unsplash

5 ATV riding

ATVs, short for an all-terrain vehicle, also known as a quad bike, are a major activity in a desert or sandy location. If you have seen enough action movies, then you should not give up the chase to get out of 'Road Rash' here.

Where to try: Wadi Rum Valley, Jordan

Despite being called the informal adventure capital of the Middle East, Jordan is still largely an unexplored region. Trails are being discovered there, and an exciting way is to rent and stop an ATV.

6 filtering / sawing

Where to try: Peurto Rico

Try the Rio Grande de Anasco River in Peurto Rico. The river has lots of twists and turns, and ups and downs to make for an exciting and fun adventure.

Skydive in Algarve
Photo by Kamil Pietrzak / Unsplash

7 Sky Diving

Skydiving is a three in one experience. You fly on a jet plane, jump from the plane, then parachute your way to the bottom. For anyone who just wants to let go, this is the perfect experience.

Where to try: New Zealand

A favorite favorite here is the Fox Glacier, an 8-mile-long glacier located in the remote Westland Tai Poutini National Park on the West Coast of South Island, New Zealand. As you fall free, kneel in the air, watching the wild beaches along the Tasman Sea and the icy bumpy peaks of the Southern Alps do wonders.

8 Snowboarding

Developed as a combination of skateboarding, sledding, surfing and skiing, snowboarding is a winter sport that involves descending a slope that is covered with snow while standing on a board attached to the rider's feet, a special on a rudder bond. Uses a boot set.

Where to try: Switzerland

Switzerland, home to many lakes, villages and high peaks of the Alps, is also known for its ski resorts and hiking trails. This will be the perfect place to start your snowboarding journey.