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Backwaters in Alleppey. Kerala, India
Photo by Kunal Kalra / Unsplash

With a network of 44 rivers and turquoise blue backwaters, Kerala lies in the lap of nature. This pristine and serene state is located in the south-eastern part of India and is much loved for its exotic wildlife, herbs, emerald green hill stations and the crystal clear Arabian Sea along its coast. It is truly God's own country.

Primarily known for its backwaters and coconuts, here are some facts about the state of Kerala that will make you pack your bags for the trip.
god's own country

The slogan used by the Kerala Tourism Department says everything about this alfresco state. A channel of Arabian Sea to the west and backwaters running across the state, Kerala indeed provides the most beautiful backdrop for all your clicks! A multitude of coconut trees can be seen, and its turquoise blue waters will surely take your breath away.

Cleanest State of India
Kerala Backwaters

According to a survey conducted by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), Kerala is said to be the cleanest state in India along with Sikkim. The only state where every village has hospitals and banks. Apart from being the cleanest state, it also provides necessary facilities at every corner. Kerala is the only state which has provided banking facilities and hospitals in its remote locations, thereby increasing its overall development.

Photo by Anantha Krishnan / Unsplash

The first state to receive rain in India

God's Own Country as it is famously known, Kerala is the first rain in India. While the rest of the country receives rainfall in July, Kerala receives rains in the first week of June every year, followed by Mumbai and Delhi.

World's richest Hindu temple is in Kerala
Padmanabaswamy Temple

Hinduism is a major religion of the Indian subcontinent and hence there are more than 1,60,650 temples in the country. Of these, the world's richest Hindu temple is located in Kerala. Padmanabhaswamy Temple is the richest temple in terms of gold and precious stones.

Heaven of Ayurveda
Kerala Ayurveda

Kerala is known for being a pioneer in medicine using Ayurveda as its treatment method. It is also home to Somathiram, the world's first Ayurvedic resort. Ayurveda is also used for beauty, massage and hair treatment.

Ayurveda is mainly used for medical treatment. Even today with the modernization of medicine, Kerala uses age-old Ayurvedic techniques to fight and cure most of its ailments. It is also being used to treat arthritis in the state. Ayurveda is the primary mode of medicine in Kerala.

Photo by Sateesh Reddy Patlolla / Unsplash

Highest Female to Male Ratio

Kerala, along with Pondicherry, is the only Indian state with a female-to-male ratio greater than 0.99. Kerala has 1084 females per 1000 males, with a rate of 1.084 which is higher than the national figure of 0.940.

Highest gold consumption in the country
gold bangles

The state of Kerala consumes about 20% of the country's gold. Brides who happen to be in Kerala can be seen immersed in gold from head to toe.

Highest Literacy Rate
Highest Literacy Rate in Kerala

Kerala is the most literate state in India with a literacy rate of 93.91%, while the country's literacy rate is only 74.04% according to the 2011 census. Literacy rate in rural area of ​​Kottayam district of Kerala is 97.17 percent. While Pathanamthitta is 97.42 percent in urban areas.

Photo by Sreehari Devadas / Unsplash

The only state where maximum number of festivals are celebrated
boat race in kerala

Kerala not only exhibits diversity in wildlife but is also home to diverse forms of religion. It serves as a classic example of people of different religions living together in harmony and peace. It is common to see places of worship of every religion in every corner of every street and locality.

Home to a huge variety of herbs
Kerala Herbs

Herbs with medicinal properties like turmeric, cinnamon, ashwagandha, brahmi, amalaki, bharangi, and Phyllanthus amarus are found in abundance in Kerala.

Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Photo by Govind Krishnan / Unsplash

Second Least Corrupt State in India

According to the CMS 'Indian Corruption Study of 2017' Kerala experiences about 4 per cent corruption in public services. The least corrupt state was Himachal Pradesh, with about 3% bribery.

Largest rubber producer in the country
rubber plantation in kerala

India is the fourth largest rubber producer in the world. Kerala produces more than 90% of the total rubber in the country. In Kerala, about 5.45 hectares of land is being used for rubber cultivation.