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To match the hippie vibe of the place and to have reasonably fun places that never fail to attract the attention of travelers, students, couples, wanderers, bloggers and children alike are along the coastline. Located near or near the beach, they serve as the perfect place for freezing. Dry yourself after a good time in the water with sandy skin while eating some scrumptious foods at one of these beaches in Goa.

1. La Plage

This hut in Goa attracts most of the Ashwamedh beach crowd and is famous for its cuisine which is a mix of Italian, American and French. It is one of the best tremors in Goa, with dim lighting and wooden chairs placed in all the huts so that you can dip your toes in the sand and sip cocktails of some masterpiece. This place is captivated by most people due to its playfulness and quiet interiority. You cannot find a better place in Goa than this hut to treat your eyes and your taste buds with La Plage. Lie back after a refreshing drink and watch as the sun penetrates the horizon.


Photo Courtesy: La Plage

2. Shiva Valley

One of the perfect shakes in Goa seems to be the Perfect Revs, also known as the Psychedelic Temple, is the perfect stop if you really don't want to come out of the party. With dazzling neon lights, psychedelic music and, trippy interiors that come alive in the dark, you'll fall in love with the oceans in an extremely spectacular way. The light spreads far away and most people fall in love with the place so much that they do not leave until the next morning. Be prepared to experience a parallel universe that Goa has to offer with the best beer price in Goa. Get ready to party in the most famous hut in Goa!


Photo Courtesy: Shiva Valley

3. Thalassa

This hut-cum-restaurant is located in Siolim. The main attraction of this Goa hut is the pastel shades and a very natural setting. White tablecloths matching sugarcane chairs and mats floor make the eyes very relaxed. The bamboo decoction is very latent, yet they are involved in feeling. Finding a table here during sunset is a dream come true as the natural beauty of the surroundings is very easy to camouflage with. Their meat case is very popular - it is one of the best places to eat in Goa and definitely one of the best beaches in Goa.


Photo Courtesy: Thalassa

4. Brittos

Famous for the water sports that accompany it along the beach, Britos are known to harbor adrenaline addicts after a good session in the water. Whether you are diving, surfing, paragliding, parasailing or simply riding a banana boat, come back here to chill with your exotic range of mocktails and cocktails and enjoy your adultlines. Britos have to be one of the best shaks in North Goa when it indulges in the most sumptuous breakfast food and at the same time cheaper price of beer in Goa.


Photo Courtesy- Brittos

5. Sublime Beach Shack

One of the best dishes of Goa is very light food and mostly fusion and hence you may have to try a new dish every time you meet next time. The place is one-of-a-kind and fully compliments both Morjim and Arambol surrounding beaches. Getting a table here can be an issue but once you sit down you won't want to get up. The appropriate beer prepared here with a spectacular sunset will set you up for the evening. To ensure that the sublime is one of the best shocks in Goa and some rest time.


Photo Courtesy: Sublime Beach Shack

6. Ryan's Shack

Known for its amazing seafood and sugarcane furniture, the place has a very organic and low-key vibe to it. Counted one of the most amazing shacks in Goa, Ryan's hut has an indoor and outdoor setting and at night it can charm you like no other. This hut is also famous for its beach huts in Goa, where huge multilingual crowds, fierce waves and tidal sounds and soft music can rejuvenate like no other. The place is even a personal favorite of locals. To top it off, the delicious and proper food only makes for the cherry on the cake towards Candolim's exquisite beach.


Photo Courtesy: Ryan's Shack

7. Curlies Beach Shack

The place is very well suited for couples, friends, single birds and their pre or post honeymoon and / or baboon people. The place has a huge variety of seafood and their best tasting are delicious king prawns and well-cooked masala red snapper that can swoop on anyone. The Karila beach shake in Goa has everything from breath-taking ocean views, scrumptious food and comfortable seating - you can include this one in the list of Goa's famous beaches.


Photo Courtesy: Curlies Beach Shack

8. Rudy's Golden Mermaid

This place, as claimed by tourists, is the best hut in Calangute. It has basic furniture, but subtle mermaid painting and colorfully fitted tents make for a very serene experience. The bright light reflects well on pastel-colored tents and the sound of the tide with some refreshing mocktails can make you and your friends or your date an evening.


Photo Courtesy: Rudy's Golden Mermaid

9. Pousada By The Beach

Whatever the time of day, there can be nothing more enjoyable than the breathtaking views in Goa at the Beach C Front Restaurant, savoring a delicious meal. The Plant Beach Sea Front restaurant caters to both senses. The Russian Beach Sea Front Restaurant, this little piece of Goa and the perfect place in the Arabian Sea is where you can enjoy a coastal meal or snack in your own private courtyard. This is the coastline in Goa where you leave your troubles behind and get away from the world. Binge on the most famous food of Goa in this beautiful restaurant.


Photo Courtesy:  Pousada By The Beach

10. Baxter Beach Shack

What can it be called because it is a classy type of hut with shades of white, cream and blue that gives it a very cool look especially under a sky full of stars. It is not like any normal hut in Goa because this hut is built on an acre of land and is huge yet finding a table here will be a task. Handcrafted stalls and ethnic art shops near the hut make you want to visit the place every time. The sweet atmosphere will soothe your mood and the sand, water and sunset will only dance to your tune.


Photo Courtesy: Baxter Beach Shack

11. Tantra Cafe and Huts

At the central location of the South Goa coastline on Anjuna beach, Tantra is returning most of its passengers and visitors for the quality and warm servicing of their amazing food and ambience. This slum in Goa has sun sheets and chairs covered in a splendid teal color and the emphasis on high maintenance keeps the commotion in the people of different places of the country and the world. They have a very warm and attentive staff who will make your experience even more enchanting.


Photo Courtesy: Tantra Cafe and Huts

12. Moonlight Beach Shack

Known for fresh and cooked seafood, this shake in Goa is a favorite among young, student travelers and is also fresh in its atmosphere. Although there are various moonlight shakes across the city, you will still love each one of them. Fun and relaxation can come in a capsule not only at high-end shacks and restaurants, but at one of these where you can bury with your friends at the cost of the best beer in Goa and watch the match on television While the tides come and go.


Photo Courtesy: Moonlight Beach Shack

13. Villa Blanche Bistro

This is the final stop for all you European taste lovers, with ingredients from Europe as well as local markets, and makes the place the perfect home-cooked dish. Their food menu at this hut in Goa can make for an entire Sunday brunch or simply serve as the finest chakan as you drink some rich wine with your friends. Built inside an old Portuguese villa, the Bistro will give you some real European experiences.


Photo Courtesy: Villa Blanche Bistro

14. Bobby’s Shack

On top of the soft sand of Candolim beach, Bobby Ka Shak is one of the best beaches in North Goa. Popular for its Christmas and New Year jamborees, and an elaborate Super Sunday known as Sunday Roast, it is one of the finest Candolim beaches on the beach. You chill with your friends at a place to chill under the beach huts in Goa and spend a good time.


Photo Courtesy: Bobby’s Shack

15. Calamari Bathe & Binge

Calamari is a common hangout among travelers. It has one of the best beach restaurants in Goa with superb food, great staff, lively bands and amazing views of the sea. It is one of the favorite hangout spots among tourists, the beach is perhaps the cleanest in the entire North Goa. Calamari offers a clean shower and change area which is great - swim, get some sun and sand, shower and chill!