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Goa is a fun time of your life whether you are with your friends, family or on a solo trip. Every place has its own USP and the best thing about Goa is that everything you do is unique in itself compared to the rest of India. So if you are planning a trip to Goa then don't miss experiencing these 50 amazing things in Goa. From beaches to architectural splendor and water sports to adventure activities, Goa is endowed with every beauty of nature.

1. Appreciate the architectural grandeur of 'Basilica of Bom Jesus'

Basilica of bom jesus-goa_image

2. See through the lens of Lord Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary through its lens

bhagwan mahavir wildlife sanctuary-goa_image

3. Go to the valley in the waterfall at Netrawali Wildlife Sanctuary


4.Try your luck at casino cruise

casino cruises-goa_image

5. Visit the Dolphin by visiting Palolem Beach

dolphin seeing-goa_image

6. Bathing via Phant Elephant Bath '


7. A traditional Goa seafood and Portuguese lunch feast


8. Holistic treatment with Ayurvedic treatment in Kerry village, Goa

ayurved-treatment-keri village-goa_image

9.Shop at flea market in mapusa


10. Try the world's hottest chili at the Spice Plantation in Tonk region called the Cooperative Masala Plantation

spice plantation-goa_image

11. Visit 'Ingo's Saturday Night Bazaar' in Arpora for junk jewelery, imported T-shirts, hippie merchandise, Indian and global cuisine and more!

ingora saturday market-goa_image

12. Dancing in the middle of the market at Bazaar DJ at Daniel's Bar in Arpora


13. Enchanted at the Butterfly Conservatory in Ponda


14. The cashew plantation in Goa gives an opportunity to buy and buy different varieties of cashew nuts


15. Romantic escape on a cruise


16. Do Oceanic Yoga in Mandla


17. Old Goa - walk on the road to UNESCO World Heritage Site


18. Visit the largest church of Old Goa - Sé de Santa Catarina

de de santa carina church old goa_image

19. Leave the welfare of reiki meditation at Neo Yoga Center

reiki medittaion-goa_image

20. Portuguese-met-colonial-met-Indian culture at the Archaeological Museum of Old Goa

archeological mueseum-goa_image

21. Try the tradition drink; Feni which is basically distilled liquid from cashew fruit

feni goa_image

22. See the breathtaking view of the Cabo de Rama ruins and the sea

ruins-cabo- de-rama_image

23. If you go there in February, attend Viva Carnival Goa - a rocking parade with colorful wigs and masks, high decibel music and an enthusiastic crowd

viva carnival goa_image

24. Discover the unexplained wonders of the dark passage of the Goan Caves - The Aravalam Caves, Lamgau Caves and Rivona Caves


25. Kayaking in Go Backwaters