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Photo by Sergii Gulenok / Unsplash

Try some adventure games
There are lots of adventure activities to do. You can go paragliding, hiking, mountain cycling, horseback riding, jungle trekking and even treetop zip-lining. Prices will vary, although they are all quite affordable. Paragliding, for example, a tandem glide will cost you around 1,500,000 IDR ($110 USD) per person.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
While snorkeling is always an option here, Bali is most popular for its phenomenal dive spots. The reefs here are beautiful and there is an amazing variety of fish to see here. The wreck of the Liberty, an American cargo ship, is a highly recommended spot. Prices will vary but expect to pay at least 1,900,000 IDR ($ 135 USD) for a two-tank dive.

Visit the Spa
Bali is an ideal place to re-energize yourself by pampering and removing bottled stress and tension. Bali massage is the most relaxing massage in the world, and there are many Balinese spa treatments that include the use of various herbs and spices. Prices vary depending on what you buy but expect to pay at least 275,000 IDR ($ 20 USD) for treatment.

Party in Qutas
Kuta is like the Tijuana of Bali. The streets here are narrow and there are hundreds of stalls selling counterfeit brand ripoffs and novelty souvenirs. There are plenty of hostels and plenty of bars that cater to the young backpacker crowd. If you want to party, this is the best place on the island to do so. Personally, I hate Kuta and think that there are many better places on the island.

Komizas hidden place.
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Go watch dolphins
There are a number of companies that offer sunrise boat trips—and you're likely to hear about them at every hotel you stay. This is an excursion of about two hours and it is best to get tickets a day in advance. Expect to pay around 800,000 IDR ($57 USD) for adults and 560,000 IDR ($40 USD) for children.

Watch the Monkeys
In Ubud, you can also visit Ubud Monkey Forest, a nature reserve and sacred area with temples. It is very touristy, and many people break the rules and feed the monkeys, which teaches them bad habits so don't do it! Still, it's exciting to see all the long-tailed macaques running around and playing with each other. Admission is 80,000 IDR ($5.50 USD) for adults.

Watch Buffalo Race
Chances are, after a few days in Bali you must have seen water buffaloes working in different fields. In Negara, local people riding chariots conduct buffalo races every other Sunday from July to October. Negara is a bit out of the way and the race takes place at 7 am, so you should probably make a stay before the night.

Visit Mata Mandir
Pura Besakih is a temple located on the sacred Mount Agung, an active volcano. The climb will take several hours, and most people arrange it as a tour because you need a vehicle to reach the trailhead. Prices start at around 400,000 IDR ($ 29 USD) per person. Since it is a sacred mountain, climbing can be off limits during certain times of the year.

Pull It Out
There are many world-class yoga retreat centers around Bali, offering both single classes and multi-day retreats. This is a great place to do it if you need to relax, unwind and stay healthy!