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Today more than ever it seems that the world is literally at your fingertips and you can go virtually anywhere without needing to leave the safety of home. This is a good thing right now, while many of us are still sheltering in place during the pandemic. But while we're thankful for our virtual portals to the rest of the world right now, we're certainly dreaming of getting down the road again as soon as it's safe to do so.

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Photo by S Migaj / Unsplash

New Experiences

Routine is the killer of the soul, and there is nothing better than the feeling of experiencing something new in a new place. Whether it's a new state or a new continent, traveling to somewhere you've never been before is a great way to break out of the same nitty-gritty of daily life and rekindle the imagination. When you come back home, you will feel refreshed and inspired to face the challenges of life.

Food! (and other cultural experiences too)

Australian Tim Tams, a full English breakfast, an authentic chicken tikka – they all taste better in their own country, and one of the best things about traveling is the brazenly anything and everything you can't find back home. can. Food is a great way to understand and connect with other cultures, as is local art and music, as they are all expressions of humanity and our experience of it.

Camping Under the Stars
Photo by Clarisse Meyer / Unsplash


There's something about travel - maybe it's the novelty, maybe it's the challenges - that connects people with each other on a level that seems beyond the rules of regular society, especially when you stay at HI USA Hostel. If you're traveling alone, you tend to "bond" with yourself as you move around, and you're also more open to meeting new people who can be friends for life. If you are traveling with your friends or loved ones, experiences on the road bring you closer as you create memories and overcome obstacles together.

Gaining a Sense of Perspective and Appreciation

Moving to a new place is a good way to look at your life and see it from the other side, so to speak. Seeing places where people have different rights, different incomes, and different views will help you challenge your own experiences and views, and help you appreciate the good in your life, which It's so easy to take often.

Opening Your Mind
There is no denying that travel is necessary to open the mind. When you meet different people, have new experiences, and travel to exotic places, the reality of these things shatters any preconceived ideas you may have had. You'll see people as people like you and not as stereotypes based on geography, and you'll find that famous cities have more to offer than their famous landmarks. The challenges, the kindness of strangers, and the beauty and diversity of the natural world will only make you more open and accepting of different ways of thinking and being.

My life is going on in cappadocia.
Photo by Mesut Kaya / Unsplash

Making Memories

It's a little cliche, but it's true: No one looks back on their lives and wishes they upgraded their iPhones more regularly. They think about the unforgettable train ride in Europe, the time they got lost in New York and found the best piece of pizza, or how they met their husband in a hostel. Your travel experiences will always be with you, and when you need a pick-me-up, they can be a valuable resource to remind you of how great life can be.