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A lot of human locomotion depends on mobile apps these days, and money mechanics are also heavily reliant on them. Isn't that interesting? As for travel, apps have made traveling much easier.

In today's expeditions and explorations, technology plays a critical role. Several mobile applications are available in India to help travelers, both foreigners and Indians, navigate Indian cities and tourist destinations. Here are some of the best travel apps

Google Translator

If you're traveling in India, you'll have to deal with people who speak only Hindi or any other local dialect. If they understand bits and pieces of English, they won't be able to reciprocate properly. By using Google Translator, you can overcome the language barrier and navigate conversations.

IRCTC Connect

Travelers, whether domestic or international, cannot avoid India's train network because it is the largest on the planet. Because of the beauty of train travel, they don't want to either. There is no doubt that trains are the fundamental means of accessing and traversing incredible India. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited) offers a portable application that travelers can use to book tickets, check timetables, and track their PNR status. Therefore, this is one of the must-have travel apps that you should have with you. The IRCTC Connect application combines several components that make train travel in India much easier.


As a team with the Ministry of India Tourism, AudioCompass presented this application. This is a user-friendly guide to various tourist attractions across India. It has become one of the most useful travel apps in India. A great feature of this application is that it also works offline. It is useful for people who do not want to hire a tour guide at tourist spots. AudioCompass is ideal for non-natives who usually do not understand the accents and intonations of Indian tour guides. Additionally, you may find it useful if you just want to find out more about your surroundings. Having this app installed on one's phone is one of the must-have travel apps.


With where is my Train you can get live train status from Indian Railways without requiring Internet or GPS (although having access to the internet is always recommended). Additional features include checking IRCTC seat availability, fares, and PNR statuses quickly. There is a rapidly growing fan base among Indian train travelers and it is the most praised travel application in India.

Tracking trains accurately and getting live journey status make this app one of the must-have apps in India, not only for travelers but also for regular commuters. While traveling, this component can work without the internet or GPS since it uses cellular tower data to locate the area. Using the share option, you can share the current train location with friends and family. Also, you can set alarms to wake you up before your train arrives at a predetermined time. This app provides Indian Railways and IRCTC timetables offline, making it one of the most useful travel apps. You do not need to know the train number or name. Artificial intelligence allows you to use train sources and train names despite mistakes in spelling.


If you are a traveler, you probably know about Couchsurfing. If you weren't expecting it in India, get ready to be surprised as India uses Couchsurfing in a full-fledged manner. But to introduce this app, Couchsurfing is an app for travelers who wish to make new friends by staying at their places while visiting a particular location; FOR FREE! Making new friends is a hobby for some people, and they easily allow visitors to stay at their homes and show them around their city or town. There are also Verified Profiles that provide a formal seal of authenticity. Most of the app is free, and its unique interface makes it one of the best travel apps. Today, Couchsurfing has reached even small cities and towns of India like Itanagar, Kohima, and Mcleodganj.

Book My Show

Having the Book My Show app lets you know about all the live shows, theaters, movies, and other events that are happening near you or anywhere else in the world. Tickets can be purchased directly from the app.

Technology can help deal with the nitty-gritty of travel in the Asian subcontinent. From quick and easy booking to finding your way around, to making sure you get a spot on the right train, these are some of the best apps and sites for travel in India to help make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

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