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1 Whimsical dream

From elaborate floral arrangements on a rustic backdrop to gold and Fukia platforms, a whimsical baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate a baby girl with friends and family. This baby shower theme is a gorgeous blend of bohemian, vintage and modern décor to create a magical day to celebrate the new arrival.

2 Peach and Mint Twins

An adorable twist on the traditional pink and blue baby show for twins! The peach and mint is an ideal color combination to celebrate the baby girl and boy, not to mention the lovely narwhal and whale artwork is an extra dash. This theme can also be used for a combination baby shower and gender reveal party!

3 donut sprinkles

A perfect excuse for your child's favorite treat in plenty in your baby shower! A donut themed baby shower is fun, refreshing and delicious. Keep it simple with a neutral color palette or sprinkle bright pops of color for a fun baby celebration.

4 twinkle twinkle little star

The most popular nighttime lullaby becomes the cutest baby shower theme! With silver and gold decorations filling the room, you will have the cutest celebration before your little star arrives here.

5 rustic chic

The little boy is almost here, and what better way to celebrate him than a modern manly baby shower? Combining delicate floral and rugged wood textures, this rustic baby shower theme is a refreshing and stylish way to celebrate mother and baby!

6 small pumpkins

Fall is one such popular time of the year and if you are lucky enough to have a due date close to the autumn months, why not include it in a baby shower? A small pumpkin shower theme is a great way to welcome a fall baby and gives you an excuse for countless pumpkin desserts and decorations.

7 confetti and colors

The two most common places in any child's party can be a part of your baby shower! Add some fun pops of color and sweets to the celebration with a confetti and color themed shower.

8 bohemian animals

Animals are the ever-popular baby shower theme. Add a contemporary twist to this classic baby shower tidia with cool and cool bohemian party decorations. Gold and silver animal accents will stand out well in this relaxed and simple scheme.

What did you think of these unique and interesting baby shower themes? Tell us in the comments! Happy plan!