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Did someone say BOHEMIAN BEACH PARADISE? This screams BALI!!!!!

Where rice terraces meet the blue beaches meet the stunning waterfalls! Bali has become a hot favorite destination for the yoga fanatics, surfers, trekkers and basically just anyone who wants to experience the idyllic beaches, captivating sunsets, delicious Balinese food and the energetic nightlife! In Bali, there’s something to suit every soul!

Lazy days by the pool in Bali. This photo was taken at the Potato Head Beach Club as the sun was setting. 

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro ultra wide lens and processed using Darkroom.
Photo by Ern Gan / Unsplash

Romantic Island getaways

Does your idea of a romantic getaway include a tropical island, white sandy beaches with crystal clear turquoise blue waters? Ours too. Be sure to visit these Islands for a perfect romantic holiday with your soulmate-

· Nusa Penida

The T-rex beach (Kelingking) in Nusa Penida.
Photo by Daniele Salutari / Unsplash

The Island of Nusa Penida can be best described as a clear blue gem, with specks of white sand and lush green tropical forests. Along the west coast of the island, head over to the beautiful, dinosaur head shaped - Kelingking beach or if you wish to snorkel with Manta Rays – head over to the stunning Peguyangan Waterfall! Oh and before we forget, you would not want to miss one of the Island’s best-kept secrets - a glistening blue, natural sweet water pool, nestled among jungle trees - Tembeling Natural Pool!

· Gili Island

A drone view of Gili Meno
Photo by Mathis Jrdl / Unsplash

An archipelago of 3 small islands makes up this tropical paradise! If you’re a couple that likes to party hard then Gili Trawangan is exactly where you should be. And for the lovebirds seeking a peaceful walk hand in hand on the beach – Gili Meno and Gili Air has the perfect romantic, relaxed and honeymooney vibe!

Adventure seekers

· Mount Batur Trek

Set the Sky on Fire
Photo by Janis Ozolins / Unsplash

Anyone who feels that their trip would be incomplete without that adrenaline rush – Mt Batur trek is for you! Rise and shine in the early hours, and trek your way up a two hour trail to watch the sun rise from the active Batur volcano, gracing the sky with beautiful colors!

· Waterfall hopping

Smooth waterfall
Photo by Megan Johnston / Unsplash

For the adrenaline junkies who find bar hopping plain boring, Bali has a long list of beautiful waterfalls that you can visit! Pack your swimsuits and put on some good quality shoes to hike your way up to Nungnung waterfall in Ubud or Banyumala twin waterfall in Munduk or choose to head over to Leke Leke waterfall hidden in the Balinese Jungle!

City geeks

· Ubud

Ubud is a popular art village in the center of Bali. While in Ubud, do give a visit, preferably in the early morning hours, to the scenic Tegalalang Rice Terraces. Soak in the immense beauty of these fields and then head over to the infamous Bali swing in Tegalalang itself! Also, drop a visit to the Ubud Monkey forest, but be careful to keep your belongings securely stashed away from these little mischievous thieves!

· Seminyak

Photo by Shawn Ang / Unsplash

The laid back town of Seminyak is best known for its long sandy beaches and stunning beach resorts. Seminyak = Relaxation. Visit the numerous clubs and restaurants along the beach and indulge in the authentic Balinese cuisine!

· Canggu

Boho vibe, countless hippie cafes, surfer culture and a yoga mecca summarizes Canggu! Take a walk down the colorful streets of Canggu and shop eclectic handicrafts from Canggu’s Sunday market, or head over to Echo or Batu Balong beach to surf the waves!

Beach bums

· Diamond Beach

On the east coast of Nusa Penida Island is a postcard worthy, untouched, spectacular beauty – The Diamond Beach. True to its name, this beach has a crisp white sandy shore and silky blue water. Stunning to look at from atop the cliff and even prettier after the 5 minute walk down to the shore!

· Broken beach

Take a dip in the crystal blue waters of Bali’s natural infinity pool at the beautiful Broken beach on the west coast of Nusa Penida Island!

· Gili Meno beach

A short 5 minute swim from the peaceful Gili Meno beach will get you to the place where you can see 48 beautiful life size underwater sculptures! Don’t forget to carry your snorkeling gear.

Spiritual Souls

· Pura Tanah Lot Temple

Sunset at Tanah Lot
Photo by Made Caesario / Unsplash

One of the island’s most sacred temples and a popular tourist spot is the beautiful Pura Tanah Lot temple that is perched up on rocks along the sea side. A stunning temple with a spectacular view! Definitely worth visiting this temple in time to catch the sunset.

· Uluwatu Temple

A beautiful scenic walkway with numerous beautiful view points leads you to the gates of this ancient temple set atop a sea cliff. A visit to this temple around the sunset time will surely take your breath away with the beautiful view of the sea, glistening in the golden light of the sun! Stay here for a while longer to see the Kecak dance performance.

· Pura Gunung Kawi Temple

Head over to Pura Gunung Kawi to explore this majestic archaeological site where huge temples are carved out of massive rock formations!

One of my very first pictures arriving in Bali and I knew it was going to be a beautiful trip full of views like this!
Photo by Jeremy Bishop / Unsplash

Bali represents vibrant colors, rich ethnicity and boasts of stunning beaches, waterfalls, rice fields and laid back bohemian towns, each outshining the other as the perfect backdrop for your pictures! Hire travel photographers from Travographer to accompany you on your next trip to Bali to capture stunning pictures that does complete justice to the beautiful view and beautiful you!