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Welcome to Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand! Most travelers chose to begin their journey from here because the city is well connected with frequent and cheap flights.

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Bangkok is jam-packed with experiences that you must have, ranging from gorgeous temples to bustling nightlife, from vibrant shopping markets to lush rice fields in the outskirts, and to top all this off- some mouth-watering Thai delicacies! With all these things to do and see in Bangkok, you can easily spend at least 3 days (if not more) in this city. To make your 3 days worthwhile, we have curated a travel guide that you could use to plan your trip-

1.     Join a bike tour!

Bangkok has a LOT of traffic, and therefore the most convenient way to explore the city is by hiring a bicycle! So the first order of business before you start exploring the city is to hire a bicycle. Then you can either join a guided bike tour or simply follow your trusty Google Maps and discover the small back-alleys, outskirts, markets, Chinatown, temples, and canals!

2.     Explore the canals with a tail boat ride

The city of Bangkok is connected by a network of canals. Traditionally, before the metropolitan city came into being, people used to live in wooden houses that were built alongside the canals. Many of the wooden houses are still inhabited by locals and fishermen and it is truly a sight to see. So when you get tired of cycling around the city, hop on to one of the traditional long-tail boats and explore the beauty of these canals that are lined by traditional wooden houses!

3.     Explore the Night Markets

At night, head out 45 minutes from the city to Rot Fai Market, also known as the Train Market! To experience the vibrant culture of Thailand, this is the place to be in as this market is majorly visited by the locals themselves as there are over 2000 stores that sell all kinds of apparel and accessories at very affordable rates. The market is lit up with fairy lights and has numerous food stalls that sell all kinds of authentic Thai delicacies!

4.     Grand Palace

On your second day, get set to explore the cultural side of Bangkok. Get on a tuk-tuk and start by visiting the majestic Grand Palace (we recommend reaching early to beat the crowd). As the name suggests, this palace is nothing short of grand! The Palace has been built in the traditional style with a lot of attention paid to the intricate details such as carvings, gem inlays, and gold leaf designs. The Grand Palace is something that you should definitely visit!

5.     Visit the stunning Wat Benchamabophit Temple

Situated a little outside of the Bangkok Old Town is the Wat Benchamabophit Temple. This temple has not yet caught the tourist's eye and hence is comparatively less crowded. The temple is sparkling white with a traditional thatched roof with golden details. The interior of the temple is simply marvelous with Italian marble pillars alternating with Buddha statues. It is an absolutely beautiful temple and is the perfect place to experience some peace and calm!

6.     Take a ferry ride to Wat Arun Temple

Catch a ferry to visit the 75 meters high, intricately designed, Wat Arun Temple, which is situated on the bank of the Chao Phraya River. The temple is covered in white ceramic tiles that have colorful patterns imprinted on them. The Wat Arun Temple is architecturally stunning and also offers its visitors a spectacular panoramic view of the city from the top!

7.     Shop at Khao San and eat at Soi Rambuttri Road

End your day by strolling and shopping at Khao San Road and its neighboring Soi Rambuttri Road. These streets are a treat for any budget traveller as it is lined by street shops selling inexpensive souvenirs and delicious street food. Stroll down the Khao San Road picking up inexpensive souvenirs and then head over to Soi Rambuttri Road to grab another delicious Thai meal from one of the restaurants or food stalls here.

8.     Explore the Wat Pho Temple& the Reclining Buddha

On your last day in the city, start by exploring the vibrant, beautiful, and quite popular Wat Pho Temple and its 46 meters long reclining Buddha! It is a popular tourist attraction and hence the best time to visit the temple is in the early hours of the morning before the tour buses start coming in.

9.     Eat at the Floating Market

Grab lunch from one of the floating markets of Bangkok such as Khlong Lat Mayom which is only 20 km from the city! Moreover, this market is not thronged by tourists like the other more popular ones.

10.Bangkok’s Nightlife

The nightlife in Bangkok is buzzing! If you want a taste of the nightlife, visit one of the many rooftop bars or hip nightclubs in the city! Apart from this, you could also join a pub crawl that is organized by the locals specifically for tourists.

Photo by Dan Freeman / Unsplash

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