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When you think of beach holidays, the first thing that comes to mind is the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of our busy lifestyle. With the sound of the waves and the spectacular view of the far horizon, looking here and there on the hot sand under the sun is nothing. However, you might think there is more to the beach holiday. The various beaches in and around India offer some exclusive activities to make your holiday even more exciting. Here is a list for you:

One of the highlights of a trip to the Galapagos Islands is to see these brightly coloured Sally Lightfoot crabs … apparently named after a Caribbean dancer.  They can jump from rock to rock as well which is interesting to watch … but these two were motionless - facing off against each other, determined not to move out of each others way.
Photo by Rod Long / Unsplash

Crab Catching in Goa

Often referred to as the 'tourists' paradise', Goa is home to many beautiful beaches where you can relax, sunbathe or indulge in exciting sports activities in the strange waters. On your Goa trip, we recommend that you try catching crab. Yes, it is one of the most interesting things in Goa. The Sinquerim jetty in North Goa is an excellent location for fishing as well as crabs. Try this unique experience on a country boat with your friends or family, with complimentary alcoholic beverages and snacks. You will be provided with bait and will have an on-board instructor to teach you how to catch multiple members of the crustacean family. Enjoy eating delicious crab with all-day enjoyment.

Couple mangrove kayaking in Andaman
Located in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman Island is a famous beach destination that offers many opportunities for a fun holiday. Havelock Island is one of the best natural attractions here with its pristine white sand beaches, clear blue waters and lush green forests. With a stunning natural setting, Havelock has no shortage of exciting activities on the sandy beaches. If you are on a trip with your loved one, we recommend that you try kayaking through the green mangrove forests. If you have not done kayaking before, then you have to familiarize yourself before starting the campaign. Put on your life jacket and listen to the birds chirping in rhythm as you paddle through the quiet backwaters.

Candid photography session on a beach in Havelock

Photo by Veerle Contant / Unsplash

To spend some quality time with your loved one, be sure to visit Radhanagar beach, one of the best beaches in Andaman and Asia. Situated on Havelock Island, this picturesque beach is where you get to see amazing views of a remarkable sunset. You can enjoy a spectacular photo session with your loved one on this beach with a spectacular sunset and a picturesque setting of tall green trees.

Bond Safari in Kovalam
If you are looking for an exciting beach holiday in India, then Kovalam, a magnificent beach town near Thiruvananthapuram is a must see place. The soft and sandy beach at Kovalam is an enchanting scene and offers thrilling water-sports thrills for all. If you have ever thought of taking a closer look at marine life in the south, the Ocean Bond Safari is exactly what you need. With this unique experience, you can enjoy underwater views on a scooter named Bond, which is attached to a container filled with air. You will be wearing a helmet, covered from head to toe, and a safety diver will be with you holding the rope tied to the scooter. When you get to the ocean floor, see more eels, puffer fish and pip fish along with many other creatures.

Photo by Todd Cravens / Unsplash

Mirissa, whale watching in Sri Lanka
Situated in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a tropical island country in the Indian subcontinent, with a plethora of natural attractions that will leave you spellbound. Once you arrive in Bentota, a picturesque coastal city, prepare to head to Mirissa in the southern coast of the country to watch whales - one of the most exciting things in Sri Lanka. Arrive here early in the morning and take a boat ride in the middle of the sea where you can see blue whales, killer whales and sperm whales with dolphins and sharks. If you are on a Sri Lankan vacation, do not miss this opportunity!