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The lush green tea plantations, tranquil winding backwaters and spice plantations are some of the features that define Kerala as one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. For God's Own Country, popular as Kerala, is a haven for travelers who come to live in the Salibrius Climes, away from the concrete jungle. In a state where the topography ranges from cool hills to snowy beaches, Kerala is a sight to the eyes of the bright. Here is a list of places that are a 'must see' for all people visiting this tropical paradise.

1 Alleppey

Alleppey or Alappuzha is known for the world famous backwaters of Kerala. The backwaters are a network of brackish canals, rivers and lakes that pass through half of the state of Kerala. One can cruise backwaters enjoying the distinct feel of "kettuvallam" or houseboat which offers facilities including a taste of typical Kerala food. For other curious travelers, there are many unique temples and churches that add more value to the picturesque beauty of Alleppey.

2 Kochi

Kochi is the cultural and economic capitals of Kerala. It is the center of tourist activities and attracts visitors from all over the world. From Chinese fishing nets to the cultivation of exotic spices, Kochi has much to offer its eye feast. The city is an amalgamation of different cultures that still want to endure. There is a surprise in every corner of Kochi, just waiting to be discovered.

3 Thekkady

Thekkady is home to the popular Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. You can observe elephants roaming around the sanctuary, explore lush green forests, take a boat cruise over Periyar Lake or take an elephant safari to the depths of the forest. Periyar wants to rejuvenate for wildlife enthusiasts and in the misty mountains of Eucalyptus.

4 Munnar

Munnar is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Kerala. Located on the Western Ghats, Munnar is apparently one of the highest producers of tea on the Indian subcontinent. The sight of seeing the mountains as a touch of clouds in Munnar rejuvenates your mind and soul. The city is surrounded by a narrow section of the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, making Munnar a distinct place from city life. Palm-fringed backwaters, beautiful waterfalls, sunny beaches, misty mountains and dense streams, Munnar has it all!

5 Thrissur

Thrissur was previously the capital of the Cochin Empire, however, it is now considered the cultural capital of Kerala due to its spiritual, cultural and religious leanings throughout history. One can make a visit to the beautiful temples and churches which become the center of activity during the festive period in the city. While in Thrissur, you should try the delectable Vellayappam, a type of rice hopper, which is a specialty of the city.

6 Kovalam

Dip your feet in the warm sandy beaches of Kovalam. There are many coconut trees here as far as the eye can see, add to the major resorts around the lush green vegetation and you have found yourself a popular tourist destination. In the last few years, Kovalam has gained popularity as a center of Ayurvedic treatment. So if you want to take a break and feel energized again, Kovalam is your kind of getaway.

7 wayanad

Wayanad, one of the major hill stations in the south, produces tea, coffee, cardamom, black pepper and other spices. The region is inhabited by many natural wonders such as waterfalls, caves, lakes and dams, where you are bound to enjoy the cool weather of Wayanad. Visit the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to wildlife species such as spotted deer, bison, cheetah and bear.

8 Thiruvananthapuram

Otherwise known as Trivandrum, the city is the capital and possibly the most culturally rich part of the state. Trivandrum has hosted many rulers who have all left a mark on the city. Rapid development has not hindered the unique heritage of architecture and culture that is still embodied by the city. Koviyar Palace, formerly the official residence of the Travancore royal family, is a visit, especially to the city.