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If you are wondering where are the best beaches in India, then look no further. Here, our experts from India share their advice on choosing your seaside experience, keeping in mind the location, snorkeling, diving and more. Which beach would work best for your holiday in India?

It is perhaps first to note that India is not a beach destination, but some true gems are found that can really enhance your trip. Whether you are looking for relaxing beaches or looking for places steeped in culture, our experts can help you find the perfect Indian beach experience.

Waves splashing during sunrise
Photo by Lianhao Qu / Unsplash

Nileshwar - Peaceful and Tropical

Nileshwar has topped our run-down of India's beaches. Beautiful and surprisingly low on tourists, the beach is close to quiet northern waterways (which differ from those around Alleppey), small villages, and the impressive Bekal Fort, so you'll find plenty of things to do. The endless palm-fringed beach is also home to some luxurious hotel options: one more rustic, the other high-end and sophisticated. This remote part of northern Kerala is really worth a visit and also receives our award for the best swimming beach in India.

Photo by Nick Perez / Unsplash

Andaman Islands - remote, picture-perfect islands
These are probably the most beautiful beaches in India: think of the sweeping sweep of white sand and the pristine waters of the Bay of Bengal. Here you can expect great sea fishing and diving as well as a secluded paradise island experience. The only caveat is that it is a bit difficult to reach them. Although Indian, they are actually geographically close to Myanmar, and require a flight from either Kolkata, Delhi or Chennai and then a boat trip from Port Blair. He said, when you reach heaven it is worth it more…

Goa - There is more to it than meets the eye
If you are looking for good beaches to visit in India, Goa will definitely be on your radar. India's most famous beach destination, Goa is famous for its hippie experience and long stretches of white sand. There are plenty of beach hotels in Goa under the umbrella of 'All-inclusive Holiday to India', but there are a select few that make the stay really special. However, inland Goa is worth visiting with its charming, Portuguese influences, serene atmosphere, amazing bird life and lavish hotels. It is often not even considered, it is often the highlight of the Goa experience of travelers.

Photo by Julia Hammond / Unsplash

Sindhudurg - remote rugged coastline
Sindhudurg is found on the coast of Maharashtra state. Here you will find a stunning, rugged beach with colorful coral and abundance of exotic fish and some of the best diving in India. It is far away, which means that you will not meet many tourists and you will feel that it is your secret, but on the other hand accommodation options are very limited… but limited to one great option that also gets our prize in India. For the best honeymoon beach destination.

Mararikulam - Quiet and easy to find

A peaceful palm-fringed beach in Kerala, with warm water and generally good swimming conditions. It is well located near the backwaters of Kerala and Cochin, so you have a choice of different activities to entertain you after taking enough rest in the sand. In addition, the area has accommodation for all budgets, so can suit different travel styles - one of our favorites is Marari Beach Resort. You can also consider relaxing at the end of your trip in a boutique property in the beautiful backwaters inland, especially if you are looking for a more luxurious stay.

Road tripping around Oahu, the smaller northern beaches are great to catch some sun and watch local surfers
Photo by Luke McKeown / Unsplash

Kovalam - Beachfront Restaurant
It is a famous resort area in South Kerala with lots of restaurants and activities to entertain you. The beaches are probably not as delightful as other parts of the west coast, although you can get more privacy at the hotel beaches - we especially like the Niramaya Retreats Sun sea south of Kovalam's two main beaches.

Photo by Paz Arando / Unsplash

Varkala - For Backpackers
A few hours north of Kovalam lies Varkala, known for its spectacular setting: a long, very wide beach against a dramatic reef. It is a beautifully kept option, especially a great place to watch the sunset. It is worth noting that the view is more backpacker-oriented and the beach is only accessible via rock-bottom climbing - there is no accommodation directly on the beach. However, there are some great local restaurants nearby.

Action in the waves
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Pondicherry - French Colonial Resorts
On the east coast in Tamil Nadu, although Pondicherry is a more coastal city than a beach town, you get spectacular views of the sea. To dine on French architecture and history and delicious French-Indian fusion food, it is lovely to take a walk along the waterfront.