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Travel and food are equally important for making a trip memorable. To excite your fine taste I have curated a list of best food from around the Globe. Hope you like it!

1. Strike (Hawaii, USA)

Freshly chopped cubes of raw yellowfin tuna (ahi) are mixed with soy sauce, sesame oil, sea salt, chilies, sweet onions, and Limu seaweed is one of the world's great culinary creations. The fish (which should be caught locally and should never freeze) is the texture of ripe papaya - so smooth and gentle I sometimes can't help chewing through my lips instead of my teeth. A cold slice mixed with an equal amount of steamed rice in a single bite is a sensation that is so divine, it's hard to believe you're still not on Earth.

2. Aguachido (Playa del Carmen, Mexico)

Playa del Carmen is known for its seafood and when you can find great options everywhere, all the locals go to a restaurant, called Agacheles. Here you can find Aguachido: Shrimp prepared in lemon juice with shrimp and fresh vegetables. Incredibly fresh and while it is only a few dollars, it rivals whatever I have eaten in high end restaurants.

3. Khao Soi (Thailand)

This soft and yellow egg noodles is bathed in a thick curry broth. Not soup. Broth. It is then topped with deep-fried, crispy egg noodles, and eaten with pickle greens on the side. The broth is coconut milk based and the curry can be cooked with chicken, pork or beef. Beef is my favorite variety of Khao Soi, specially prepared by Thai Muslim women in the Muslim area of ​​Chang Mai, on the side of Chang Klan Road.

4. Poulet Yasa / Chicken Yasa (Senegal)

Yasa is a heaven-sent pickle of lemons, onions and eagles, often taken to the next level with a touch of diazon mustard and some fresh grated ginger. The chicken is cooked in this delicious mixture before being served over the rice.

5. White Pizza - Old Forge Pizza (Pennsylvania, USA)

White Pizza is one. This is not a regular pizza you know; Old Forge White Pizza is a creamy cheese-and-some-heartwarming paradise. The white pizza has a double crust, with a filling of the bottle and on top, cheese. I don't know what they make of cheese, but it is heavenly soft.

6. Kobe Beef (Shin Kobe, Japan)

Melt-in-your-mouth, water-goodness is how we describe Kobe beef! Unlike regular beef, if prepared through a previous medium, such as steak, the fat will liquefy - it is melted through your mouth.

7. Brinjal Satsvi (Georgia)

It is a simple Georgian dish of pure walnuts, brinjals and spices, eaten cold. An appetizer is so simple yet satisfying, my only regret is not knowing that it existed any time soon.

8. Gujarati Thali (Gujarat State, India)

Just think - a large circular tin plate filled with ten wildly delicious and intoxicating sweet vegetarian curries with dhal (lentils), spiced vegetables, salads and servings of guaranteed-to-yummy sweets. And with a steady flow of fresh rotis and rice delivered to your table during your meal, you like to eat the dishes you like (and you will eat, like I was able to snap. Did up before!). Of course, the best thing is that the waitstaff walk around the restaurant constantly scatters more streams on your plate, forbidding you to eat until you have at least three servings of every dish!

9. Ngu Hp Xả / Steamed Clums w / Lemongrass (Vietnam)

The plump baby clams, cooked in a small pot with lemongrass and delivers steam to your table. Clam shells are too hot to heat first, and you always burn your fingers because these clams are too good to wait. Each clam is a teaspoon and a small meal - you make some lemongrass broth and some sweet chili sauce in half of the clam, which contains meat and brings a taste explosion to your mouth. fabulous. One pot does not last long, so keep an eye on the waiter so you can order another.

10. Nasi Lemak (Malaysia)

One of the dishes that I would travel around the world to eat is nasi lemak. Somehow, this combination of rice cooked in coconut milk, Chili sambal anchovies, half hard boiled egg, deep fried chicken, sambal squid, peanuts and cucumbers really give me just to think about it. No other food cuts it, like Nasi Lamak does. The best way to serve nasi lemak is to be wrapped or served on a banana leaf, as it gives a fragrant aroma to rice. When steaming is used to pack hot coconut milk rice, all you need to do is engrave the green, conical package and allow your nostril to attack by the most heavenly aroma on earth.

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