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With 105 kilometers of natural beaches, natural serenity and gorgeous weather, Goa offers many places a good run. From barefoot jogging through golden sandy beaches to lush greenery in the park, we have compiled some of the best places to go jogging in Goa. So, put on your trainers and go!

Beaches of Goa

Goa's beaches are not only popular for their shacks, bars, cafes and nightlife, but serve as an ideal platform for jogging in those long stretches of sandy beaches. Sound of gentle sea waves with palm trees and golden sand waves, natural serenity and breathtaking view of the sunrise / sunset connected with you all the way - strolling on the beaches of Goa. In addition, you can breathe the sea air and see people while keeping yourself healthy and happy. If your hunger pains are telling later, stop by the beachside, one of the delicious bite dishes to eat. Walking from the sidelines is a treat for body, mind and eyes!

Palolem Beach Goa | © Nico Crisafulli / Flickr

Old Goa

If historical structures and verge greenery are on your radar, go jogging in Old Goa. Strolling the quiet streets of Old Goa, the dotted scene with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Indo-Portuguese style houses, mosques, temples and shady trees as well as churches - is just mesmerizing. Embark on your run from the Viceroy's Arch and as you cross the archway, you will pass through the timeless beauties of Old Goa, for example, the Sea Cathedral and the Basilica of Bom Jesus. Just adopt around the architectural wonders of the Portuguese colonial era and admire the beauty. Not only will this jogging tour keep your body fit but it will also connect you to the rich and glorious past of Goa. The experience and experience booked by our travel experts is handled hands-on.

Old Goa | © Aleksandr Zykov / Flickr

Heritage Forts

Jog by the beach belt of Baga-Calangut-Candolim, one of the most popular parts of North Goa. This route crosses popular heritage forts like Fort Aguada and Rees Magos Fort. This path is not an easy catch, however; It is a bit rocky as you make your way up to the Aguada plateau. The beautiful Mandovi River which runs side by side adds to the experience on a tour that will meet all your sensory needs, whether they are for Goan history or beaches.

Jogger's Park is located in the arms of nature in Chicalim, away from the center of city life. Approximate expansion in an area. The 31,000 square meter, Joggers Park Chiklim wraps you around nature that promotes a feeling of peace. With a 560 meter long dedicated track for walkers and joggers, a child's play area, seating area, a pedestrian plaza, local flower species and greenery, Joggers Park Chiklim is a real treat. Open every day from 5 am to 9 pm. more information
Bicholim Walking ParkParkShareAdd to PlanIf this is a wide, open and quiet place you are looking for, Bicholim Walking Park is the place to go. With lush green trees, wide walkways and peaceful surroundings on the shore, a walk in this park is enjoyable at any time of the day. Bonus: No vehicles are allowed. open 24 hours!


Panjim | © vivekachary / pixabay

Jog along the soft dirt tracks and shady path starting at Nerul Creek, which starts from Nerul Bridge and follows the dirt spot that leads to the Arabian Sea and descends to the fishing village on the seashore Hai and Aguada Fort face the beach belt. The natural beauty of the place is attributed to the waters of the Arabian Sea on one side and the unbroken beach belt of Baga-Calangute-Candolim on the other. Sounds good? this is! So get ready to test your subtle energy !!

Divar Isand

Jog along some of the most beautiful landscapes of Goa, the island of Dewar. With beautiful views of the forest hills, paddy fields and the Mandovi River, it is a beautiful and serene place for a walk. When you are jogging through the island of Dewar, make sure that you can add beauty to the surroundings.

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