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1. Organic Lights Cruise, Alaska

An Alaskan cruise with Queenard aboard Queen Elizabeth is the best way to see the Northern Lights, especially in August or September. Alaska is in the aurora oval - the light that is seen most often. A clear night at sea is the perfect place to stare, and being out on the water illuminates the northern lights, as there is no ambient light interference from the land. Specialists from the National Park Service are onboard to provide commentary, informing guests of what they are looking for. And another perk: Cunard is celebrating its 180th anniversary with special sales available on multiple trips, including Alaska, between July 2020 and May 2022. During other times of the year, Cunard also offers a special Northern Lights cruise in Norway.

2. Arctic Bath Hotel Sweden

Northern Lights The Arctic Bath Hotel & Spa in Sweden promises to be the best place to see the northern lights. After a long wait, Sweden's much-awaited Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa — a temporary architectural wonder — is finally set to open in January 2020. Situated in a remote part of northern Sweden, the property promises to be the last place to catch the northern. Light. Depending on the time of year, six overwater cabins float on the Lule River or are frozen in it. There are also six cabins on the ground. All rooms have the luxury of a wood-burning stove and a skylight for optimum viewing. Take a northern lights photography lesson with an expert, explore the surrounding untouched wilderness or relax at the spa, built around a plunge pool that is open to the Aurora Borealis-streaked skies.

3. Housing Features Northern Lights and Arctic Culture Trip, Canadian Arctic

It is only for women. Natural Habitat Adventures, a leader in natural habitat tourism, is launching its first Arctic expedition exclusively for women: the seven-day "Northern Lights and Arctic Culture." Inspired by intrepid female explorers of the Arctic, this epic journey was designed by expedition leader Annie Van Dinther. "We wanted to create a space for women who are ready for the next big adventure of their lives, where they can experience being empowered in one of the wildest places on the planet," Van Dinther said. The days are spent snowshoeing, igloo-building and dog sledging, while the evenings will be spent in search of northern lights. Expect to be seen from a glass aurora pod, heated dome with 360 degree views inside, from an isolated cabin in the boreal forest and in a teepe warmed by a campfire at a dog mutter's camp.

4. North Pole Igloo Hotel

Want to see the northern lights very guaranteed? Head of the new North Pole Igloo Hotel, a pop-up glamping concept in the most northern location on earth. Travelers live in a warm glass-enclosed igloo with a glass roof terrace and glass walls that allow guests to see the northern lights from the bed. It's not cheap - a quiet € 95,000 (about $ 105,000) cost to stay here, including a one-night stay at the North Pole, as well as two nights at the nearby Svalbard, plus transportation, food and guides.

5. Butterfield and Robinson Luxury adventure outfits

Butterfield & Robinson have expanded their winter offerings with a new collection of cold weather expeditions - including Northern Lights. On "Alaska Northern Lights Multi-Active Private", you relax in a snowmobile, a dog sled and a private hot spring, all under the dancing northern sky. On "Finland Winter Multi-Active", expect a magical winter trip under the northern lights - dashing through cedar forests with husbands, riding night-time snowmobiles and traveling with reindeer. "Iceland Winter Multi-Active Private" is a five-day Northern Illumination adventure that kicks off in Reykjavik and includes hikes through other landscapes and steaming hot springs.