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Looking at the best of these lively eateries, here is our update on the 10 best restaurants in Bangalore.


Run by fashion designer duo Sonali Sattar and Himanshi Dimri, the Grasshoppers within their four walls offer guests a combination of fine dining and design. The perfect place for an unhealthy, casual meal away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, Grasshoppers is located on both farms - an attractive option for many townspeople. The outdoor dining area is surrounded by a lush garden and often features live music, making it very easy for guests to spend hours sipping their drinks and working their way through a luxurious seven-course menu Is, which loses all track of time in this peaceful oasis. .

Courtesy Grasshopper


One of the city's most iconic dining experiences, Karavalli at the Gateway HotelFreacher in San Pellegrino Asia's list of the 50 Best Restaurants. Visitors can feast on a range of excellent South Indian cuisine, ranging from seasonal curries to wood meats. Focusing on the regional diversity of South-Western communities, Head Chef Naren Thimmaiah takes care to include a wide variety of cuisines in his menu, ensuring that the region is a specialty of various regions including Mangalore and Goa. The seafood menu has a lot of features, and lots of vegetarian options are also available. Experiences and experiences taken up by our stay experts.

Karavalli | Courtesy Taj Hotels

Cafe Thulp!

A favorite hangout spot among locals, Cafe Thulp! The best burger is said to be served in Bangalore. Freshly made beef burgers are gourmet, and are available with a variety of toppings from standard to adventurous. Keep it simple with a beef patty or for something extravagant, try the Gonzeshwara burger, which includes a fillet steak wrapped in bacon, topped with cheese and an egg. Vegetarians are also offered tasty options such as delicious caffeine burgers and crispy sweets and tofu burgers.

Courtesy Café Thulp!

Edo Restaurant and Bar

Located within the ITC Gardenia Hotel, Edo Restaurant is an authentic Japanese eatery, serving a wide variety of scrumptious delicious dishes to Bangalore. Talented sushi chefs create aesthetic rites in front of those who dine at an open sushi bar, and a range of sashimi and baked items are also available. Try the Shali Shabu (a Japanese-style hot pot), which is perfect for warming on a chilly day or with a hot broth. The restaurant itself is minimal in design, and is relaxed with relaxed decor. Each of the dishes here are excellent, both in taste and preparation, making the restaurant a great choice for a special occasion dinner.

Courtesy Edo Restaurant

I & Monkey Restopub

Choose between indoor or al fresco food at Quirky I & Monkey Restopub for an innovative and delicious lunch or dinner. The minimalist design of the restaurant is designed against an exciting and eclectic menu, which combines Kerala and Western cuisine. Expect spicy broth and curry for the main course, followed by chilled American favorites such as Mississippi clay pie for dessert. Bang Bang Prawns, along with hot chili, fried with green chillies and onions, is meant to make sure the tastbuds set tingling, and the chicken and vegetable barley broth is a great choice for those with a taste for milk.

Courtesy I & Monkey Restopub

Imli Cafe and Restaurant

One of the vegetarians, Tamarind Cafe and Restaurant has an emphasis on North Indian home cooking. The menu includes a mix of well known cuisines in the Western world as well as completely new ones such as Elo's Gotian, Pav Bhaji, and Phulkha combo. The cafe itself is housed in a beautifully converted bungalow, and has ample outdoor seating on its beautiful terrace, perfect for enjoying dinner with friends on a hot summer evening. Tamarind is a definite attraction to it, both friendly and affordable, and uses only freshly scented, high-quality ingredients to cook its delicious meals.

Courtesy Imli Café and Restaurant

Barbeque Nation

To enable guests to have their own barbecue right at their table, Barbeque Nation specializes in searing meats, seafood and vegetarian dishes. Each table has a live grill so that diners can start making their own choices - making sure that the meat is cooked to each person's liking and that there is little chance of freezing before eating. Ho. In the evening, you can also eat an all-you-grilled buffet, which comes at a set price, so it would be no surprise when the bill arrives. Be sure to try paneer tikka, barbecue prawns and kadhai paneer.

Persian TerraceRestaurant, Mediterranean, Middle EasternShareAdd to Plan

Mysore Masala Dosa.

Mysore Masala Dosa. | © Kony Ma / FlickrSit

Sher Sher Hotel Hotel Within Bangalore, the Persian terrain is a must-visit dining destination for hotel guests and residents elsewhere in the city. Fully open-air diners are invited to enjoy a meal under the stars in this fourth-floor terrace restaurant. The tables are lit with Middle Eastern style lanterns, candles and tea lights, transporting guests from India to Persia to experience a colorful Arabian night. The menu is full of Iranian delights, ranging from hot tandoor ovens to fresh bread, meatloaf platters, pilafs and a range of juicy kebabs served directly from the live BBQ station. To see the ISKCON temple, dinner on the Persian terrace is both an elegant and a romantic experience. Learn more information.

The Royal Afghan Restaurant, Indian Shared to Plannedine in the Luxury within the Royal Afghan The Windsor Hotel. The restaurant is open for lunch every Saturday and Sunday, and dinner daily, offering guests views of the Starlight Pool. With a focus on the authentic, traditional cuisine of the North West Frontier, the menu is a selection of dishes cooked in kebabs, vegetarian dishes, Indian breads, dal bukhara and clay tandoor. To complete the elegant experience, ask the staff at the restaurant to pair the dish of their choice with the most suitable bottle of fine wine. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in restaurants. Do anything and prepare well for more information

Time Traveler Cafe, Restaurant, Asian, settled in Sai Vishotel near Electronic City, to love vegetarian food at Time Traveler Restaurant. A 24-hour coffee shop, Time Traveler also puts on an excellent spread in its lunch and dinner buffet with its 12 salads, soup selections, 18 main courses and a dozen desserts. An a la carte menu is equally good, drawing inspiration from around the world, and features Indian classics as well as dishes from Greece, China, Italy and Mexico. The Sai Vishram brand prides itself on using only healthy, meat-free and environmentally friendly foods in its restaurants, and such Time Traveler caters for almost any dietary need or choice. The staff is fantastic and the food is delicious, so reserve a table to avoid disappointment.