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1. Download Google Maps for offline use by typing "OK Map"

One of my favorite new travel hacks - this SUCH is a lifeboat. If you have enough space on your phone, you can easily download Google Maps to browse offline on mobile, even if you do not have an internet connection. All you need to do is go to the map of the area you want to save, then type "OK Map" in the search and press download.

2. Save Money on Every Travel Booking

Ebates is a free cashback site that allows you to make money from most of your online purchases (almost like a partial instant refund). Here's how it works: Ebates has partnered with a group of popular online retailers (include Expedia, Neighbors, etc.!). When you click on these retailer sites through Ebates and buy something, Ebates earns some affiliate commissions, a portion of which they share with you as a cashback (deposited directly into their PayPal). In other words, you are getting money back for shopping, which turns into an instant discount for booking your trip. Genius, the unconventional travel hack every traveler needs to save. These are super easy travel tips that will save you on your next trip.

3. Wear compression socks to make your flights more tolerable

Compression socks = less swelling and better circulation!

4. Get a Pillow

If you want to save space, never "just a case" a pillow. Bring a pillow instead, so if you're ever in an emergency where you need a comfortable pillow, do some soft cloth stuff and go to town just in case. Likewise, you can use Pilocase to compress clothes like a puff jacket to save space in your luggage.

5. Mark your items as fragile

There is a sneak trip hack that comes during my trip, but you will get your luggage first and the airline staff will take extra precautions with your luggage. Worth it!

6. Pack a dryer sheet

Your clothes will smell good for those long haul trips! Keep an extra job for your "dirty laundry" bag so that your entire suitcase doesn't smell like dirty clothes. Ick. Alternatively, just throw away a strip of soap (mini hotel ones do the big job). Stock up on cheap dryer sheets here.

7. Pack an empty water bottle for the airport

This way you can fill it after passing security. No more $ 4 water bottles! Wow! Alternatively, some experts swear to freeze their water, so it is technically not a liquid. I think that might work, but then you're strangely just waiting for your water to melt? Just bring an empty bottle, folks. Foldable ones are great for this, plus they are also better for the environment; )

8. Reserve the corridor and window seats

If you are traveling with a friend or partner, there is no need to fight to the death again: one who has to take a dangerous middle seat. Just reserve both the corridor and the window in the hope that no one wants a middle seat ... if they do though, just ask them to switch! Super simple travel hack that works well Genius, the unconventional travel hack every traveler needs to save. These are super easy travel tips that will save you on your next trip. #travel #travelhacks #traveltips

9. Take out your flight seat in advance

As most travelers know, not all plane seats are created equal! Some have more leg room, some are absurdly close to the washroom, etc. Luckily, you can just enter your flight details at Seat Guru (it's free!) And read various reviews / first-hand experiences . If you have one of those flights where you can choose your own seats during online check-in, this is a massive life saver.

10. Find the WiFi password on Foursquare

FourSquare is a website / app where people share tips, reviews, and reviews on places to visit (eg restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.) others, and it's often here that you'll get a wifi password for places. So, if you need wifi in a pinch, you can easily hop around Forscue and Sleuth for a wifi password.