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When the hectic city life wears you out, the best part of the week a.k.a the weekend comes to your rescue! Now if you’re wondering which direction you should head on to escape the crowd and immerse yourself in nature, we’ve got you covered!

We have created a series of blogs called ‘Weekend Escapes’ where we tell you about 5 of our most loved destinations near you that would be perfect for a weekend getaway!

So read on to find out more about places that are not too far away from Vishakhapatnam for that much needed weekend escape!

1.     Araku Valley

About 120 km from Vizag city, lies a beautiful and serene hill station called Araku. The verdant mountains, beautiful waterfalls, misty roads and acres of lush coffee plantations make Araku quite a popular weekend destination! You could either take a train ride or drive to Araku, both of which routes are very enchanting and scenic, with a number of tunnels and majestic waterfalls along the way! Araku Valley is mainly inhabited by tribals and thus, the Tribal Museum which houses numerous tribal arts and handicrafts, is a major tourist attraction! While at the museum, you must definitely wait to watch the tribal dance known as Dhimsa to get a glimpse of the tribal culture. Araku Valley boasts of a pleasant weather all year round and hence makes the perfect destination to escape the city heat. Wake up in the morning to the sight of sprawling, dew covered coffee plantations, where you could head over to for a morning stroll and a cup of freshly brewed coffee! Another major attraction in Araku Valley would be the hanging cottages, toy train ride and the beautiful sight of a variety of vibrant flowers in the Padmapuram Gardens!

2.     Lambasingi

Lambasingi can be best described as a quaint hamlet with hilly slopes that are terraced with lush tea and coffee plantations, located about 100 km from the city. Lambasingi has bagged the title of ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh’ as it is the only village in South India where you can catch a sprinkle of snow every year! During your stay at this quaint hill station over the weekend, do visit the beautiful Thajangi Reservoir or trek your way up to take a dip in the cool waters of Kothapalli and Yerravaram Falls. Apart from this, you can spend your evening watching the sunset either in the beautiful Susan Garden or from the centuries old Buddhist archeological structures built atop Bojjanakonda Hills!

3.     Papikondalu

Papikondalu is a breathtakingly beautiful tourist destination about 260 km from Vizag city! It is a set of three hills, also known as the Papi Hills, which are covered with thick tropical rainforests and surrounded by lush green hills and the beautiful Godavari River. Papikondalu sits in the lap of nature, and the best thing to do on a weekend here would be to soak in all the natural beauty. Pitch your tents along the river bank and then trek up the hills and enjoy the breathtaking views of the verdant valley and serene Godavari River flowing below, or take a boat ride in the river or spend the day catching a glimpse of the wildlife at Papikondalu National Park.

4.     Maredumilli

Situated about 228 km from Vizag is the little village of Maredumilli which is known for its picturesque scenery and tranquil surroundings. Maredumilli is an ideal destination to take a break from your busy work schedule and unwind in nature’s beauty! There’s no better way of becoming one with nature than by camping or booking a stay at one of the jungle resorts, both of which can be done in Maredumilli. During your stay, do spend time at the peaceful and tranquil Jalatarangini Waterfalls and the beautiful gardens of Karthika Vanam. Another popular spot in this village that is a well-known picnic spot is Mandanikunj- Vihara Sthal, where you can spot a number of animals such as deers and peacocks!

5.     Gopalpur

Gopalpur is a well-known beach getaway situated in Ganjam district of Odisha, which is about 285 km from Vizag City! Gopalpur is the perfect place to head to with family or friends to spend time lazing on the beautiful, pristine beach or taking part in the adventure activities such as wind surfing, scuba diving, rowing or boating! Apart from this, you could also visit the once busy commercial port, which is now in ruins to learn more about the history of Gopalpur. Don’t forget to grab some beach mats and sunglasses for your weekend getaway to this beautiful beach town!


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