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When the hectic city life wears you out, the best part of the week a.k.a the weekend comes to your rescue! Now if you’re wondering which direction you should head on to escape the crowd and immerse yourself in nature, we’ve got you covered!

We have created a series of blogs called ‘Weekend Escapes’ where we tell you about 5 of our most loved destinations near you that would be perfect for a weekend getaway!

So read on to find out more about places that are not too far away from Pune for that much needed weekend escape!

1.     Mulshi

Mulshi is a quaint little village nestled up high in the Sahayadri Hills. Since it is located in Pune District, it’s only a 36 km drive from Pune City. The drive to reach Mulshi is a treat to the eyes as you have to drive up the winding Western Ghats and through roads with dense forests on either side! Any direction you look at once in Mulshi, you will only see hills upon hills of grass glowing in the warmth of the sun. You could book your stay at one of the hotels or if you’re feeling adventurous, you could choose to camp for the night at one of the campgrounds that are perched up high on the hills offering you spectacular views of the crystal clear and serene blue water in Mulshi Lake! In the evenings you could trek down and take a dip in the lake as well!

2.     Panchgani

A town that is nestled cozily amidst five hills of the majestic Sahayadri Range lies the all year round pleasant weathered town of Panchgani. It is about 101 km from Pune. Panchgani is one of the best places to visit during monsoon and winter to be welcomed by numerous waterfalls and cool misty mornings! The 5 hills surrounding Panchgani are topped by volcanic plateaus, which is the second highest table land in all of Asia! Do visit these table lands to catch some spectacular sunsets as well as to paraglide through the Sahayadri Valleys! You can spend your weekend at one of the many beautiful hotels, both budget and luxury that have stunning views of verdant green mist covered valleys and waterfalls!

3.     Mahabaleshwar

This hill station is known for its picturesque views, beautiful landscapes and pleasant weather! Visit this place during monsoons or winter to spot some amazing waterfalls on your way to Mahabaleshwar, which is about 123 km from Pune. Buy some hot corn during monsoons or indulge in the famous strawberry cream during winters while you explore the historic Pratapgadh Fort, or visit the Mahabaleshwar Temple or take a dip in Lingamala Falls! Mahabaleshwar houses a number of hotels overlooking the verdant valley underneath that are quite budget friendly. So think no more, simply drive to spend your weekend at this beautiful hill station!

4.     Kamshet

Only 45 km from Pune lies this serene hill station which is a paraglider’s paradise! Kamshet is a hill station that is nestled amidst the Western Ghats that has a pleasant weather all year round. You can paraglide from Shinde Wadi Hills, or visit the Kondeshwar rock temple. Apart from the above, you could explore the ancient Bhadsa and Bhairi caves and even pitch a camp near the breathtaking Pawna Lake for a starlit camping experience!

5.     Lonavala

If you live in Pune, Lonavala is the first place that will pop up in mind when you think of a weekend destination, and rightly so because Lonavala offers some stunning valley views and gurgling waterfalls and it is only 64 km away! Book your stay either at a resort or in one of the homestays that are built in absolutely picturesque locations! The days may be a little warm, but it gets quite chilly in the evenings. The best time to visit is definitely during the monsoons and winter. Do visit the Bhaja and Karla caves, Rajmachi Fort, Ryewood Lake, and the famous sunset points for the most picturesque views.

Beautiful sunset
Photo by Ajit Sandhu / Unsplash

There are 2 things that every person leading a busy city life needs- weekend getaways and good photos! You’re all caught up with the destination ideas; now simply hire a travel photographer from Travographer to make sure you get those good pictures as well!

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