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Crystal clear lakes, ancient monasteries, lush valleys, bike ride to far away from the world, a paradise called “Ladakh” which truly tempts our inner travel junky. Find your calling in a world of silence, a land like no other!

Also known as ‘Land of High Passes’, Ladakh is a region in Jammu and Kashmir at a height of more than 3000 metres (9800 feet) that fascinates travellers from all over the world. The mountains draped in layers of snow is one of the reasons for the popularity to travel to Ladakh. It was also awarded with the nickname of ‘biker’s paradise’. Whether you are behind the lens or in front, photography in Ladakh is one of its kind experience. Pristine landscape, rich culture, soothing sight of lake...who doesn’t want to be photographed at such places? And remember the spot where the scooter scene from 3 idiots was shot? Well, it is too cliche but also exciting to visit such Bollywood spots.

So, in this post I am going to tell you about the most charming and refreshing of places where I personally feel you should must go and capture your memories.

Shanti Stupa: A white-dome structure dedicated to Buddhism, is one of the magnificent Tibetan structures that has ever been built to promote world peace. Located 5 km from Leh, this place will awestruck you with its unique architecture. Shanti stupa is a perfect gateway for both – those looking to obtain peace from offering prayers to god and those waiting to be mesmerised by nature’s marvelous beauty. The stupa overlooks the entire vibrant and colorful city of Leh and offers panoramic views of the Changspa village too.

Nubra Valley: Nubra, a tri-armed valley located to the north east of Ladakh valley, is the most recently opened area of Ladakh. With breath-taking views and delightfully hospitable inhabitants, it is quite an experience. The pleasant autumn season lets you enjoy the beautiful sight of the unexploited paradise. The valley has something for everybody, known as the ‘orchard of Ladakh’, the place is truly heaven. It is one of the must visit places if especially if you are visiting for the first time.

Pangong Tso: Also referred to as Pangong lake, is situated approx. at height of 4350 metres. Leh to Pangong lake is a journey that everyone who arrives in this heaven to takes to see the most beautiful lake in the country. The blue heaven like lake, is one of the most mesmerizing sights that people from all over the world come to witness while on their trip to Leh-Ladakh.

Sangam: Just the view of Sangam valley from the road above it can make you swoon in ecstasy. It is the confluence of the river Indus and Zanskar. The colors are so pure that it can be seen distinctly. The mesmerizing view of the lake makes you feel like heaven. It is an amazing place to sit and enjoy the moment.

Worrying for a perfect picture with these places? Don’t worry, Travographer provides a destination photographer for all the above-mentioned places. To beautifully capture your moments while you enjoy the view and location.

PS: While we go as a tourist, it is our duty to preserve the beautiful nature and to not ruin it by throwing waste and garbage anywhere. Don’t throw near lake or monuments, look for a dustbin or carry it with you. Be a responsible citizen of the country.

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