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Too confusing to choose from? Yes, Goa can overwhelm you with its offerings, but to make sure you get the crème de la crème of this paradise, we've put down a list of incredibly romantic endeavors that you and your partner can do together , While you are in the Konkan region.

So you are an amazing romantic and are visiting Goa with your sweetheart? You've come to the right place. This coastal paradise is one of the items in which romance is made up of a parade of white sand, crystal clear water, delightful village settings, charming churches, mist, shroud waterfalls and lush, tropical forests.

Goa's sun-kissed beaches is the perfect setting for romance !

A night stroll in a moonlit beach

Goa has many wonderful beaches, but a safe bet would be the Sinhim-Baga stretch of beach, with the perfect combination of solitude and company. Hold hands, walk on the gleaming sand and slowly dip your feet in warm waves, while the starry sky holds you. Stop for two or more on one of the shakes. If you are of the adventurous type, then take a walk at the Baga end, walk 9km (5.6 mi) and end at sunrise for a well-deserved breakfast at the five-star Vivanta by Taj Hotel. Book lives and experiences. Hand-picked by our travel experts.

View of the beach from Sinquerim Fort | © Gayatri Priyadarshini/WikiCommons

Play with the water goddesses of Goa

Apart from the Arabian Sea, Goa can cast a spell on you with a series of waterfalls and lakes. Enjoy the ancient Dudhsagar Falls by foot or jeep, take a dip in the hard water of the Aravalam Falls and witness the grand sunset at the Salaulim Dam. You can also walk through the fresh streams to see the magnificent Dudhsagar Falls between the two neighboring hills.

Dudhsagar Falls | © Kumaresh Rajarajan/Flickr

If music be the food of love on, play on

Indulge your sweetie by taking her to one of the most romantic restaurants in Goa — the CoCoCoiro restaurant, which literally means 'coconut tree' in Portuguese. Between two or four charming ancestral bungalows is a splendid restaurant, situated amidst green leaves. The restaurant serves delicious Goan cuisine and a well-known musical band plays a melodious role of lighthearted music on Fridays.
What do you think about our #L Lounge Area? PressedCoqueiro has been revamped with a new feel and look. In addition, we have exciting food and beverage options. For reservations call (0832) 2417806. . . . .
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Explore the natural beauty of Goa together

Enter from Chorla Ghat on an hour-long trek to the summit of Vagheri Hills and dope the lavish terrain with its exotic wild flowers, butterflies and birds. Enjoy your romantic itinerary with a sea voyage from Kochra-Sriramwadi to Neuti Beach. Dip in water simultaneously from a 20-foot-high cliff (6 m), leisurely have lunch and then watch the historic Neti Fort before sunset. Looking for a place to propose? Sonsogor has one of the highest peaks on it and the Virgin region. The stunning view of the natural surroundings is the perfect setting to pop the question.

View from Chorla Ghat | © Dinesh Valke/Flickr

Explore the history of Old Goa

Yes, history can also be romantic. Have a hearty breakfast at a cafe en route to Old Goa, donate a casual pair of sneakers and see the charming church and church by foot. Visit the old architecture of the Iberian façade and the magnificent mosaic work of SE Cathedral, wood carvings and beautiful paintings of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, the rich gilded altars of the ancient city basilica, and finally the grand old revelations. Queen of Santa Monica. The convent, which has its beauty and miraculous cross on the altar.

Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa | © Ramesh Lalwani/Flickr