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All of you busy Delhiite couples that are about to tie the knot but haven’t yet figured out a  location for your pre-wedding photo shoot that matches your personality the best – worry not, we have an entire article just for that! So not wasting any more of your precious time, let’s cut to chase with our top favorite picks –

1. Lodhi Art District, Lodhi Colony

Photo by SATISH KUMAR / Unsplash

Lodhi Art District is basically an art lover’s paradise because all the walls of the buildings in this colony are covered with colorful street art and enormous murals! So if you’re a couple that’s a little quirky, little contemporary and a whole lot colorful, then this is 100% where you should head to for a vibrant and quirky pre wedding shoot!

2.  The Rail Museum, Chanakyapuri

Photo by Mert Kahveci / Unsplash

‘JaaSimranjaa, jee le apnizindagi’If you’re Bollywood buffs like us, you would have atleast once though about wanting to recreate this iconic scene, and what better place to do that than at the Rail Museum, where a number of antique trains are now open for public viewing!

3.  Monuments, monuments and more monuments!

Photo by Brijesh Anand / Unsplash

Delhiites! You are spoilt with choice when it comes to beautiful, intricately designed, centuries old architectural marvels! QutubMinar, Humayun’s Tomb, Agrasen Ki Baoli, HauzKhas Fort and the iconic India Gate! Don on some of your most beautiful traditional Indian outfits and head over to one or all of these majestic structures for a historical photo shoot!

4.  Lodhi Garden

Photo by Ayush Sharma / Unsplash

Lodhi Garden is most definitely NOT your average, ordinary garden! Spread over a whopping 90 acres, you’ll find here endless manicured gardens with 15th century Indo-Islamic style mausoleums! Where nature meets history is the tagline of the stunning Lodhi garden and thus you couples should definitely rise up early and head over to the garden to beat the crowd and get a beautiful photo shoot done that will go down as a part of your history!

5.  The Roseate House

If you’re that couple who has always wanted one of those grand and luxurious looking couple photo shoots, then The Roseate House is the perfect place to be! Put on your couture gowns and suits and head over to the luxurious Roseate House that boasts of its modern and plush architecture, beautifully landscaped gardens and huge outdoor pools making it an apt location for a plush pre- wedding photo shoot!

6.  Connaught Place

Photo by Mohd Aram / Unsplash

Located in the heart of Delhi is Connaught Place which is the perfect place to head over to for a beautifulamalgamation of culture, tradition and history!Here you can find Delhi’s best-known restaurants and shopping spaces, and is a one-stop destination if you are looking to capture the pulse of the city while being surrounded by rustic elements and regal Victorian architecture!

7.  ChampaGalli

If you love culture and art, ChampaGali is the right place for you. ChampaGalli is absolutely perfect for pre-wedding photo shoots because the Persian-like alleys lit with fairy lights, cute shops and cafes in the area with adorable outdoor seating creates a romantic vibe that will exude in your pictures!.

8. North or South Campus

Perhaps for many of you the college grounds, restaurants, cafes and parks of North or South Campus maybe where your love story began! Relive those moments and bring back those memories by getting a pre wedding photo shoots in those exact nostalgic spots!

9. Aravali Bio Diversity Park

A cobbled pathway built through lush forest land is most definitely an idyllic location for a pre wedding shoot! The Aravali Bio Diversity Park in Gurgaon is spread across 157 acres with small water bodies at the foothill of the Aravali range. Whether you want a misty morning filtering through the trees or tell a fairytale story in your pictures, Aravali Park would make an excellent choice for a candid pre-wedding photoshoot in the wild.

10. Ready, SET, shoot!

Photo by Akhila Katuri / Unsplash

For many of us, posing for pictures in crowded public places is simply an awkward and uncomfortable experience! A pre-wedding shoot is all about having fun and sharing romantic moments with your partner. So to enjoy the process and express yourself freely, there are a number of pre-designed sets that offer stunning backdrops with all the privacy that you need! The Picture Town, Shooting Village, Picture Destination or Studio Future Forward are just a few of the places that offer cutesy sets for an enjoyable photo shoot!

Let’s play Scrabble
Photo by Gabby Orcutt / Unsplash

The truth of the matter is that if you have a good photographer who thoroughly knows his way around the capital city, even the streets of Delhi could turn out to be a great location for your pre- wedding shoot, and therefore be sure to hire professional wedding photographers from Travographerwho are the absolute best at making sure that you get perfect pre-wedding pictures!