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The most important thing to pack for your trip is your passport. You won't go very far without it. If you are traveling within Europe as an EU citizen, sometimes you only need your ID/driver's license to travel - but this often depends on your airline, so we recommend Make sure you keep your passport with you at all times. Before you travel, make sure your passport is valid as well. It's always good to have at least six months before your passport expires so always check your expiration date in good time so you can order a new one before the trip arrives.

EU Adapter

Don't forget to pack your EU adapters! Buying one in the airport saves money and they can be quite expensive. On Amazon, you can buy a two pack of EU adapters for just £4.39. Two adapters should be enough for your trip so you can charge your laptop, phone, camera, hair tools and more.


Pack enough underwear for your trip (and maybe two or three extras). You can always wash your underwear during your trip in case you run out. Tip: Remember to pack a small slim bag for your dirty laundry, this will separate your clean and dirty things so you don't mix them up.


Socks are important because they will keep your feet from rubbing against your shoes when you walk a lot. We recommend packing thick socks if you're going somewhere cold and ankle socks if you'll be wearing trainers around town.

Phone Charger / Portable Phone Charger

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This is a handy power bank from Sleek that charges your phone when you have it back to back! super portable.

We all know that feeling when our phone battery runs out on the road. So bring a portable phone charger so that you can give your phone some charge on the go. You don't want your phone to die when you are lost in the city or miss amazing photo opportunities. One of our favorite affordable portable phone chargers is the Anker PowerCore 10000 Redux, a tiny power bank that never lets us down.

Clothes (including PJs)

The hard part: the clothes. Remember to take a mix of light layers and warm layers for your trip (depending on where you're going). It's always easier to check the weather before you go and pack accordingly. Packing light is a form of art and with limited space in your backpack, it's good to be strict with yourself and bring only what you need.

Consider what kinds of activities you'll be doing during your trip so you're prepared with the right gear - whether you're hiking, snorkelling, partying, skiing or just sightseeing around town, You will need proper attire. If you are going on a long trip, make sure the hostel has a laundry room so that you can wash your things and re-wear.

Waterproof MAC

The hooded waterproof Mac will be your savior during your travels. The weather around Europe can be unpredictable, so if you're traveling to cities where rain is likely, be prepared with waterproof layers. Try and find a lightweight Mac that's easy to pack (Pack-a-Mac is always a good shout-out and you can buy them cheap on Amazon or Primark).

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Running Shoes

Be sure to pack some good quality walking shoes if you will be doing a lot of walking or hiking. It's usually best to wear your biggest shoes at the airport so you can save space in your luggage. Mountain Warehouse is a good website to buy some affordable walking shoes that will last for a few years to come.

Sleeping Bag Liner

Sleeping bags are always handy to have—especially if you're a bit of a germaphobe. They're lightweight, they're easy to pack and they make the perfect bed lining if you're sleeping in a tent or dorm. You won't need one at St. Christopher's Inns Hostel, although fresh bed linen is provided for each guest.

Water Bottle

Always carry a water bottle with you to stay hydrated on the road. Most travel backpacks have a water bottle compartment, so it's easy to reach when you're on the move. Not only are reusable water bottles better for the environment but they are also a great way to save money so you don't have to buy more.


Don't forget your Euros! We would recommend finding a local currency exchange with the best rates instead of converting your cash at the airport where it is more expensive. Don't know how many euros to bring? Budget how much cash you'll need for each day and work from there.

Hairbrush/Comb/Hair Gel/Spray

Bring essential hair products for healthy, happy locks with you on your trip. To reduce the amount of toiletries you pack, we'd recommend bringing a hairbrush and some dry shampoo (or hair gel) to save room for other items like deodorant and toothpaste. If you have enough space, a pair of curling thongs or straighteners are a good thing, but only if you need them.


If you forget this bad boy, you will regret it forever. If you're looking to buy a new travel camera, check out our favorite travel cameras under £900. Nowadays, however, your smartphone camera is of good quality that captures great shots, so if you're trying to take less, skip the camera.

And with every camera you get a...

Camera Charger

Remember your camera charger! And make sure you have a spare memory card in case you need one!


When it comes to deodorant, we always recommend taking a roll-on for travel as it is small and hassle-free. A spray deodorant can sometimes be harmful to asthma patients who may be in your dorm dorm.

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Shampoo, Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner bottles can be heavy to carry and they take up a lot of space in a backpack. Instead, you can fill smaller sized bottles with your hair liquids to save space. You can buy these small reusable bottles from Boots or Superdrug. Better yet, invest in some permanent shampoo or conditioner bars for your hair and support the zero waste movement. These eco-friendly soap bars are plastic free and create zero waste because you use up the entire product (and the bar lasts for ages)!

Body Wash

Same goes for your body wash. Try and pack mini versions or fill small reusable bottles to save space. Or opt for a bar of soap in a tin that will (hopefully) last your entire trip and save on plastic.


Thick towels can take up a lot of space. So, ideally buy a thin microfiber towel that's easy to pack (like these awesome ones from Amazon). They are definitely worth it if you want to save space. Most hostels do not provide towels, so remember to bring your own towel.


Heat and cold can really dry out your skin so use your moisturizer every day while travelling. It's a good idea to buy a moisturizer with SPF for added protection from the sun.

Going Out

If you're planning on partying and going to clubs, make sure to pack some take-out outfits. It's hard to choose what to wear at night, but be brutal and pack only what you need. Two party outfits with two extra tops should be enough so that you can mix and match.

Going Out Shoes

You can wear trainers or shoes in most of the best clubs in Europe which is great because it saves space in your backpack. A pair of Converse, flat biker boots or Vans can be worn day and night; We love how versatile they are. You probably won't need heels unless you know you're going somewhere else.

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Having access to a GPS app on your mobile phone will be a life saver when you're trying to navigate around a city. Download Maps.me or City Mapper and you'll be sorted. You never know if you'll have a good signal using GPS, or your phone battery may die, so packing a back-up map will be helpful.

First Aid Kit

Every backpacker should carry a first aid kit, you never know when you'll need it. Especially if you are taking a trekking-based trip. You can buy a first aid kit from Amazon for £7.99.


Traveling to Europe in winter can get quite chilly so wrap up and pack a scarf, hat and a pair of gloves. Although it depends where in Europe you are going.


Don't forget your trusty toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes are quite bulky so if you find that you are short of space, opt for a normal toothbrush instead. They also don't require a charger so it saves even more space. Or if you're trying to use less plastic in your life, invest in an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush (pictured) that won't harm the planet.


Toothpaste is an essential travel item but if you are traveling with friends, you can save space in your toiletries bag by sharing a toothpaste tube between you. A tube of toothpaste can go a long way!

Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are only really necessary for a trekking trip or hiking adventure. If you're going on an adventure like this, invest in a backpack that has pole attachments. This will make it a lot easier to carry them around so you don't have to grab them.

Sun Cream

SPF sun cream is one of the most important things you can pack in a travel bag. Apply it liberally and carry sun cream with you wherever you go. Especially if you have a tendency to burn. Even though it may not be sunny, the rays are still there so it is important to apply sun cream everyday during your travels. You can't go wrong with Factor 50!

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Eye Mask

If you are a light sleeper, we recommend packing an eye mask. While sleeping in hostels, you never know if someone will be in your dorm room in the middle of the night. With an eye mask, you won't even notice. Plus, they're incredibly handy to have on hand for a long bus or train journey when you just want to take a little eye-opening.


Some hostels offer them for free at reception, but if they don't, buy a pair (or two) of foam earplugs for the night you want to get a sound sleep without interruptions. If a group in your dorm room is making noise after a night out, you may not even be able to hear it.

Shaver / Nail Clippers

Calling all beard gang members: Remember your beard trimmer and charger (if you don't want to spoil it). If you're thinking about packing a disposable shaver, we recommend spending a little more on a reusable shaver instead. You'll save money in the long run while helping to put less plastic in landfills.

Swim Gear G

You don't need to go overboard with swimwear, board shorts, etc. Remember that when you're traveling, you'll have plenty of opportunity to do your laundry! If you're traveling somewhere where you'll be swimming a lot, pack two or three options that you can move around, re-wear and, of course, easily wash!

Glasses / Contact Lenses / Contact Lens Cleaner

All of the above are very important for those who need to wear glasses. You really want to be able to see when you're traveling. Or what's the matter? Put this on your priority packing list if you're a glasses-wearer to really make sure you don't forget it.

Mobile Phones / Extra Cheap Phones for Emergency

If you don't feel comfortable bringing your normal smartphone, buy a cheap smartphone before your trip and then get yourself a SIM card that works abroad - supermarkets, corner shops if one is nearby. Or try the phone shop. Make sure you get a SIM with internet so you have maps, hostel bookings and travel guides at your fingertips!