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When one says Goa, most of us imagine ancient beaches, vast oceans, the cultural heritage of South Goa and the hippie rave culture of the north. But thinking about it from a traveler's point of view, Goa has a lot to discover. There are many big and small hills in Goa from which waterfalls, waterfalls and beautiful waterfalls emerge. Though there are not many waterfalls in Goa, but those that are there are worth visiting at least once in your life.

Goa is blessed with a diverse landscape, as it is located in the Sahyadris, and these waterfalls are surrounded by greenery, rocks and sanctuaries that leave you in awe. In the list of best Dudhsagar waterfalls in Goa, number one is Dudhsagar waterfall. Situated on the Goa-Karnataka border, Dudhsagar is a magnificent waterfall in Goa. It originates from the Mandovi river and the water falls from a height of 130 meters. The water of this spring is quite milky in texture, hence the name of this spring is derived. Dudhsagar waterfall is the fifth largest waterfall in India.

How to reach ?

Dudhsagar waterfall is located on the Goa-Karnataka waterfall (though mostly in Goa). Dudhsagar waterfall, located about 71 km from the state capital Panjim, is accessible by train or on foot. These are some of the best ways to reach Dudhsagar:

By Train

Take a train to Castle Rock Station and descend into the nearest tunnel to Dudhsagar waterfall. Some people also like to take the morning train from Goa's Madgaon to Kulem. From Kulam, and then a freight train to reach Dudhsagar waterfall. A train can also go to Sonalium railway station which is a few km from the waterfall.

By Road

If you want to travel by road, take a jeep from Kulam to Dudhsagar on the mud pavements. This will take you to the base of the waterfall in an hour.


If you are fond of trekking, Dudhsagar trek is the most exciting way to travel to Dudhsagar Falls. There are two different treks to reach Dudhsagar:

Castle Rock

Dudhsagar trek: It is about 14 km long and takes about 5 hours from end to end. But the natural beauty around it is mesmerizing. Surrounded by lush greenery all around, a person can reach the waterfall in the forest, with the natural sound of the waterfall coming from far away.


Dudhsagar Trek: This trek is about 12 km long and takes about 4 hours to cover. The soil trail is a bit slippery here, especially during the rainy season. But it can be a wonderful picnic spot.

Best Time To Visit

The splendid Dudhsagar waterfalls has been running for 12 months in Goa, although one must be aware of the travel time. The ideal time to visit Dudhsagar is between Octobers to November, when the atmosphere is quite scary after the rainy season, and is even suitable if you are tracking your way to the waterfall. During the rainy season from June to September, the water is flowing completely and it is not advisable to travel, as there have been many accidents due to stormy weather and massive amount of water force.

Nearby Attractions

There is an adventure camp hidden amidst the forest of Dudhsagar: Castle Rock Adventure Camp. Bunker beds, serene environment, serene playgrounds and various trekking expeditions are the main attractions of this camp. Somebody spend their night here for only Rs. Can spend for 150 per night, excluding food and other facilities.

Making The Plans

Visiting Dudhsagar waterfall is one of the most exciting adventures in Goa, and when you plan your trip, there are some things that you should know beforehand:

There are also a few private operators along with some tours operated by GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Center) which make trips to Dudhsagar Falls.

  • Most of these seizures are via a car, and they are charged per person.
  • The journey begins with a drive through the jungle, a short tour of Mollem
  • National Park and the Mollem Wildlife Sanctuary. The average cost per person is Rs. 1800 and Rs. 1300 for children Rs.
  • These values ​​are entirely dependent on the operators and may vary accordingly.
  • These prices observe increases during the peak season in Goa.
  • Some operators include a spice planter tour along with it.
  • These fees include safari rides through the national park, swimming equipment for swimming at the base of Dudhsagar Falls, spice planting expeditions and a visit to all the old churches in Goa.
  • Operators only provide pick up and drop service from most of the famous beaches of North Goa.

The complete forest excursion, waterfall trek and lush greenery around it make Goa a all-round destination. If you are looking for an out of the box adventure in Goa, apart from the beach and holiday walks, you can always plan a trip to Dudhsagar waterfall.