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The choice of vacation destinations in India seems limitless - from sightseeing to historical and culturally drenched, from chaos and bustling cities to laid-back destinations and offering a relaxing stay. Amidst this huge list of holiday destinations, there is always confusion about choosing the best place to visit in India. Well! We free you from this dilemma and present the list of top 20 destinations in India for all types of travelers.

1 Kashmir: For its captivating natural beauty

Kashmir lake One of the most incredible places in India, Kashmir is known for its natural beauty and thus, it is called heaven on earth. With its picturesque lakes, juicy fruit orchards, verandahs, cedars and deodar forests, all surrounded by the mountains of the Himalayas and the Pir-Panjal ranges - Kashmir seems to have made its way straight from postcards.

2 Ladakh: for its unrivaled adventure options

Ladakh A land of high mountain passes, barren mountains, alpine lakes and grasslands, enchanting valleys and ancient colorful Buddhist monasteries, Ladakh is one of the must-see destinations in India. It is for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Ladakh is unlike any place to travel in India. It is here that you can see some of the highest mountain passes in the world as well as exotic wildlife species in India's largest national park. This travel destination in India is perfect for motorbiking and mountain biking, camping, river rafting, trekking and peak climbing adventures.

3 Delhi: For its incredible history and past

Delhi Red Fort The capital city is one of the ideal tourist destinations in India. City of Heritage, Monuments, Markets and mouth-watering street food, high-end malls and luxury hotels and restaurants; There is something for everyone in Delhi. So whether you are looking for a heritage walk or a shopping experience or for child-friendly activities or photography or even to seek the blessings of God, Delhi will not disappoint.

4 Sikkim: For its breathtaking natural environment and thrilling adventure

Sikkim Tourism One of the most beautiful places in India, Sikkim is a magnificent gem of the north-eastern Himalayas. This north-east Indian destination is popular for being located on Kanchenjunga (8586 m), the third highest mountain in the world. Sikkim is one of the best destinations in India to spend a peaceful and scheduled holiday as well as to enjoy thrilling activities.

5 Meghalaya: Its Spelling for Natural Beauty

Meghalaya Shillong Also known as the abode of clouds, Meghalaya is a gem covered in the lap of the pine-covered Khasi and Garo Hills in the northeastern part of India. One of the most captivating states of North Eastern India with its countless waterfalls, mysterious caves, dense forests and sparkling lakes and rivers; Meghalaya is an ideal destination in India for trekkers, cavers / spellmakers and nature lovers.

6 Kerala: For its backwaters, beaches and culture

Kerala Houseboat Backwaters Ancient backwaters, coconut-palm fringed beaches, Ayurvedic massages and rejuvenation of colorful festivals; Yes! You guessed it right. I am talking about God's own country, Kerala. One of the most captivating places in India, where thousands of tourists throng each year, Kerala is situated between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats and is full of natural beauty.

7 Andaman: for its pristine beauty and array of water sports

Andaman Islands Known for their picturesque landscape consisting of pristine beaches, blue waters and verandah forests, Andaman and Nicobar is a group of more than 500 islands located in the infinite expanse of the Bay of Bengal. With a range of interesting activities, Andaman and Nicobar is truly one of the best beach destinations in India.