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The Cliffs of Cinque Terre
Photo by Jack Ward / Unsplash

Watch the Venice Carnival
The masquerade madness of ten days and nights in February before Lent is quite a party. This tradition goes back centuries and is one of the biggest parties and festivals in Italy. If you have the money, you can even pay to attend a traditional masquerade ball. Make plans early, though – the whole city gets packed and very expensive, so this will definitely change your Venice experience.

Shop in Milan
Everyone knows the fashion capital of Italy. Take in the glamor of Milan, but there aren't many places in the city itself, so don't spend more than a day or two here.

Take a Photo in Pisa
The entire city of Pisa is focused on photographing the Leaning Tower casually leaning towards it. Souvenir shops have taken advantage of the tourist crown and the road has been moved up and down the tower. My advice is to put your head down, be a fool, take a picture of yourself, and go on your next Italian adventure.

Visit Siena
Everyone always says "I love Sienna" and with good reason. It is one of Italy's best-preserved medieval towns and has a maze of alleys around the amphitheater of Piazza del Campo (where, during the summer, they have horse races).

Vintage bike in front of restaurant in Italy
Photo by Bogdan Dada / Unsplash

Watch your pockets in Naples while you feast on their famous pizza!

Relax on the Lakes
Beautiful lakes to the north, such as Lake Como, are a summer playground for Italians, the wealthy, and George Clooney. Come up here, play in the lakes, visit the beautiful villas and take a walk in the countryside.

Explore Florence
This is Florence. There is no real need to explain why to go here. Everything people say about it is true. Great food, amazing museums, ancient buildings, little streets and awesome gelato. While here, make sure you take a few wine tours throughout the Tuscan region to experience the countryside.

Drive around the "heel"
No one ever goes over the southern heel of the Italian boot. But if you have time, write it down here. Most of the fruits and vegetables in Italy come from here. A visit here will give you the best glimpse of rustic Italian life.

L’alba di San Quirico d’Orcia
Photo by Giuseppe Mondì / Unsplash

Eat in Sicily
Sicily is famous for its mafia, but there's more to the island than mobsters. It has its own unique cooking style, wonderful coastal beaches that stay warm in the summer months, friendly little Italian grandmas and extensive wineries.

Stroll Through Sorrento
If you're looking for an off the beaten path location, Sorrento is an ideal, quiet city in the south of Italy full of mountains and valleys. It also makes a great home base for jumping between islands in the Amalfi Coast.

Attend the Setimana Santa
This is the last week of the fast which is known as Holy Week. During this, many processions take place all over Italy, in which thousands of crowds gather. Throughout the week, various congregations take place in Puglia, Abruzzo and Sicily, but the major event is on Easter Sunday, and is led by the Pope.

Summer in Venice
Photo by Dan Novac / Unsplash

Visit Albertobello
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is an interesting and picturesque little town, well worth a visit between the months of November and April (to avoid the throngs and swarms of tourists). Apart from some great restaurants, bars and markets, there are a few museums to visit.

Admire the Vatican Museums
If you have the patience to wait through lines, this is one of the grandest collections to see in Rome. Established in the early 16th century, it is a complex of museums on more than five hectares of land. There are so many priceless highlights, you could spend hours just looking at them and looking at the thousands of other pieces. Consider getting a guide to bringing the museum to life. Admission is 16 euros.

Enter Chiesa di Sant'Efisio
When you find yourself in Cagliari, you should probably walk around the Stamps Quarter to see this church. Dedicated to the patron saint Ephesius, it is the city's most important church and was actually built on the site of the saint's prison.

Photo by Oscar Nord / Unsplash

Take a Cooking Lesson
If tasting local food isn't enough for you and you want to bring some similar Italian cuisine with you, consider enrolling yourself in cooking lessons. Prices vary, but most cost between 75-300 EUR (for a 1-day class).

day trip to Lucca.
This is a great city to explore on a bicycle, just outside of Florence. There are few tourists here, so it's a great getaway if you visit during the summer tourist months.

Take a Professional Tour
The Walk of Italy offers incredible tours across the country. They are relatively cheap, but you will get value for your money. If you are big into history, culture or architecture then these tours are for you. You will walk with a richer understanding of the country.

Explore Emilio-Romagna
This picturesque region of the country located in the North East is worth a visit. It is one of the richest regions in the whole of the European Union, and is home to the oldest university in the world.