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Modern day safaris in Africa include the world's tallest bungee jump, some of the world's fastest rapids and the largest sand dunes to play. Anyone who prefers Africa is a good choice for extreme adventure hunters.

Waterfall Rope Swing
Photo by Derek Owens / Unsplash

1 Bungee Jumping, Victoria Falls

with the Victoria Falls as the backdrop, it is located 365 feet towards the Zumbi River, is the world's best bungee jump. It is also the world's highest commercial bungee jump.

During a hot summer day, if I’m not guiding a raft, I can be found on the banks helping our photo team take photos for our guest to purchase. This particular photo truly captured the splashes and the fun the Ocoee River has to offer!
Photo by Julie Thornton / Unsplash

2 White water rafting,

begin the rafting trip down Victoria Falls, roaming a river like no other on the Zambezi River Earth. This will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat as the vast white water and powerful rapids pound you through breathtaking scenery, complete with hippos on the banks of the river.

Surfer in wetsuit
Photo by Austin Neill / Unsplash

3 Sand Boarding, Swakopmund, Namibia

Experience the wonders of the Namib Desert and have sand boards below some of the largest sand dunes on the planet.

4 River Boarding, Victoria falls

Surf Victoria's rapids fall on a body board which is a completely different experience on Zebezi.

After a long day of riding the trails just outside london, we headed back to the carpark. 

We both work in central london so we really value our time in the woods, it really is the best way to spend a Sunday.
Photo by Carl Winterbourne / Unsplash

5 Take a tour through mountainous biking, Madagascar

villages and rugged Madagascar, riding bikes through small towns, rice fields, large rivers and rain forests. Stop regularly to enjoy the communities along the way and appreciate the local culture and history. Islo National Park is an attraction for mountain views.

6 Quad biking, South Africa

Get on an all-terrain vehicle to take what South Africa throws in the way of forests, valleys, rivers and mountains. Keep an eye on wildlife. Head to the Eastern Cape for the spectacular Amatola and Stormburg regions, to KwaZulu Natal in the Drakensberg Mountains and Valleys, or biking to the bushvelds of the Olivents and the Limpopo region in the valley.

This is El Nido island located in the Philippines. Voted as the most beautiful island in the world in several travel sites. This particular shot was taken during the approach of the very famous Big Lagoon of El Nido.
Photo by Ehmir Bautista / Unsplash

7 White water rafting,

Swaziland ruffled the great Usuthu River and its class IV rapids for their adventurous fix. Get a river guide to tailor a route to your abilities. There is water here which is suitable for beginners as well as adrenaline enthusiasts.

8 Kayaking,

Morocco is a good place to shake off the winter seasons of Europe by visiting the Moroccan coastline and the Ahnsal River. This river originates from the High Atlas Mountains and takes you between the stunning red rock face and some rapids.

9 Extreme Ironing,

Egypt is the world record of this unusual sport, where you take iron in extreme conditions, it was set 450 feet down in Deb's Blue Hole. However excessive ironing can be done anywhere and is entirely up to you. Just take your iron, your board and a crinkly shirt to an extreme location whether it is hanging a rock, underwater or atop a mountain.

Photo by Derek Owens / Unsplash

10 Shark Diving, South Africa

Jackass penguins and seal populations make the seas here their home but there is also a channel that separates the two islands known as Shark Island and a key to facing the Great White Shark Is the location.