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1 Do you need a visa to visit Dubai?

No - With a US passport, you do not need a visa to go to Dubai (or Abu Dhabi), which is a part of the United Arab Emirates.

2 How to travel to Dubai

We took Emirates Airlines direct to Dubai from NYC. They had 1 deal airfare for 2 which was great! Emirates Airlines deals are frequent and they fly from many cities in the US, so I suggest signing up on their website. They also provide free giveaways in Dubai. We met many people who were taking advantage of travel to other countries of the Emirates but stopped in Dubai on the way. You can also fly to Abu Dhabi on Etihad Airways and fly to Dubai by an hour bus or taxi. Qatar Airways is another option. They make a halt in Doha before moving to Dubai. Of course you can also use US based airlines.

3 What is the best Time to Visit?

Dubai is hot! I know - dua. During the "winter months", which is correlated between us, temperatures cool in the 80s with highs in the 60s. It is from November to March. Based on these temperatures, it is the tourist season in Dubai, so it is expected to be more crowded and prices are expected to be slightly higher if you plan your Dubai trip for this time period. However, in the summer months from June to August, temperatures average over 105!

4 best place to stay in dubai?

There is no dearth of hotels in Dubai, especially luxury hotels. You can also check rental sites such as AirBnB. In terms of the best location, you must first think of Dubai as a long strip. I compare Las Vegas or Cancun if you have one of the two. We continued driving back and forth, up and down the same main road. The most central location, and therefore the most crowded, is in the vicinity of the Dubai Mall where the Burj Khalifa is located. At the other end is the Dubai Marina with Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab. At the complete opposite end of this "strip" is Dubai Airport and Old Dubai. Much of this strip is filled with Jumeira Beach beach resorts, shops and restaurants. Depending on your interest, you may prefer to stay close to one of these places.

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower in the world. 

What an impressive building!
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5 How to Get Around Dubai ?

Like any major city and tourist area, Dubai has a lot of traffic. There is also hours of traffic here. You should be aware that the working week in Dubai is from Sunday to Thursday. Their weekend days are Friday and Saturday. It affects the time taken by car / taxi from one place to another. Traffic is very light on weekends.

the cab

For best prices use regular taxi cabs and not fancy Lexus cabs. Check to see if the taxi has a meter and you can also ask what the price will be from one place to another. For example, we were unaware of an automatic surcharge going from the metro station to the Dubai Mall on the Palm Jumeira.


The metro system in Dubai is very clean and easy to use. This may be your best bet based on traffic during the week and during the hour. However, the day we used it, we found it a crowded place (no seats available), we had to change trains and wait longer as it was a weekend day and the metro distance to Dubai Mall was long! It took us more than an hour to reach our place using the metro, so if you have to change trains then give yourself enough time. Trains run more frequently during the week.

6 Hope on / hop off buses

This is another way to see Dubai and there are two systems available. Both are located in Dubai Mall for pickup and have separate routes that take you to all the main areas. Unfortunately, due to Thursday's rush hour traffic, we could not see as much as we would like to see in our bus. So, if you decide to do this, start early in the morning, do it on weekends or buy a multi-day pass.

7 What to wear in dubai?
It is a source of stress for many people traveling to the United Arab Emirates, especially for those who are thinking of traveling to Dubai as a woman. I found this article before our trip which was very helpful. Originally, tourists and ex-patrons wear regular clothes. When I wore the traditional hijab and was visiting the Grand Mosque in Abaya Dhabi. I hope the same happens when visiting any mosque.

While on the beach I was really surprised at how skimp people dressed or didn't dress beach. You hope that you have pants with your shoulders or long skirts for women while dining at the restaurant in Burj Khalifa and Burj Al There will be closed toe shoes with. Arab.

Taken on a plane…
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8 P.D.A.
Before reaching Dubai my husband read that we could be arrested for public display of affection while in Dubai, so we refused. I later read that holding hands and a pinch on the cheek is fine.

9 How much is the trip to Dubai?
money Money money! Although I'm sure there is a budget friendly way to do Dubai, I find it expensive or at least comparable to the US. Their currency is called "dirham" or AED for the Arab Emirates dirham. You can see this short ad Dhs or DH. The dollar bill denomination features Arabic on one side and English on the other. There are coins as well.

The current conversion is equivalent to 1 Durham 0.27 USD. But then, once I did a conversion for taxis, food, tours, and our hotel, it was equal to or more than I paid for in the US. Keep in mind I am a luxury blogger so my activities included high tea at Burj Al Arab, staying at a luxury hotel in Dubai Marina and I did some personal visits.

You can exchange money upon arrival at the airport, but we saw a slight improvement in the exchange rate at the mall. And there are lots of malls. In the context of US credit cards, most places only take MasterCard or Visa. Our hotel and Nike store in Dubai Mall accepted American Express but this was based on our experience.

10 Do they speak English in Dubai?
We found that most people were fluent in English and street signs, menus, basically all signage was in both Arabic and English. This made it very easy to navigate.

11 Is there alchohol and wine in dubai?
The food is fresh and it is delicious! Dubai is known for multicultural cuisine and much you want to eat you will find here. I was excited to try authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. There is a heavy Asian, including Indians, influences on the food in Dubai that I saw while brunching in saffron at an Atlanta resort.

Since this is a Muslim area, don't expect to find pork in restaurants. However, there is plenty of seafood, lamb, beef and chicken. Popular dishes include shawarma (sliced ​​meat like kebabs), hummus, kadhi dishes, basmati rice and marinated whole fish (I ate a whole sea bass vs. a filly in Dubai). Dates are also very popular. They come in many varieties and you will find date markets and fancy date shops in malls. Try something with Arabic coffee.

Please, ignore all American fast food places while in Dubai!

Alcohol: Tourists are allowed to drink in licensed hotels, bars and restaurants in Dubai. Our hotel fridge was fully stocked! However, you are not allowed to drink in public on the beach. Public intoxicants are also not allowed (if this were to happen in the US only Dubai. You will need a license to buy liquor in Dubai. For this you can buy liquor at a duty free shop at the airport.