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Q. What are the popular places to see in Lachung?
A. There are many breathtaking places in Lachung for the best holiday experience. One of the best places to offer peace to them are Yumthang Valley, Chungthang, Thangu, Gurudongmar Lake and Yusmadong.

Q. Where is Lachung located?
A. Located in northeast Sikkim, Lachung is a city and a beautiful hill station that attracts tourists from all over the world. At an elevation of about 9,600 feet (2,900 m) and at the confluence of the Lachen and Lachung rivers, both tributaries of the Teesta River, the Lachung Valley is known for its springs and hot springs.

Q. What is the best time to visit Lachung?
A. Lachung is a year-round destination, as the city is surrounded by mountains and thus provides you a pleasant environment throughout the year. The best time to travel depends on your interest. If you travel in the summer season from March to May, you can see rhododendron flowers in the valley. Traveling during the monsoon should be avoided due to the heavy rainfall that the city receives. If you are a fan of snow, then winter is the perfect time for you to roam. Apart from this, some amazing scenic spots are open during this time.

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Q. Can a single snow fall in Lachung in May?
a. In May, Lachung only receives snow at high altitudes (14000 ft – 17000 ft). Therefore, you can enjoy snow in places like Lachung, Lachen, Chungu, Zero Point, Gurudongmar Lake, Yumthang Valley.

Q. How far is the Yumthang Valley from Gangtok?
A. Yumthang Valley is located at a distance of about 120 km from Gangtok in Sikkim. Also, for anyone planning a trip to the valley, one needs to know that there is no direct route to reach. One has to first go to Gangtok, get a permit and then travel to Yumthang.

Q. Does Gangtok have an airport?
A. The nearest airport to Gangtok is Bagdogra, which is about 124 kilometers from Gangtok. Taxis or private vehicles are available from the airport to reach Gangtok.

Q. How do I reach Lachung Valley from Delhi?
A. Located in the northern region of Sikkim, the Lachung Valley is easily accessible. The fastest and possible way to reach the Lachung Valley from Delhi is by means of air transport.
By Air - Siliguri is home to Bagdogra Airport which is well connected to all major cities of India including Delhi. One can easily book a flight to Bagdogra Airport. The airport is about 125 kilometers from Gangtok and is well connected via road.
By Rail - New Jalpaiguri train station is about 120 kilometers from Gangtok which is the nearest to Lachung. After reaching the station one can hire a taxi or take a bus to Lachung.
By Road - Depending on the availability of public transport and private taxis, one can easily reach Lachung after reaching Gangtok, Darjeeling, Bagdogra, Jalpaiguri or Mangan.

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Q. What is the height of Lachung?
A. Situated near the district border with Tibet, Lachung sits at an altitude of about 2,900 meters or about 9,600 feet.

Q. Why is it called Zero Point in Sikkim?
a. Yamsamand sits at an altitude of 15,300 feet in the northern region of Sikkim. Yamsamand is often tagged as a 'zero point', beyond this point, one cannot find a motorable road and passengers do not get any permits to go further. From this point on the basis of its proximity to the Chinese border.

Q. Do I need a permit to visit Lachung?
A. To travel to Sikkim or Darjeeling, one does not require any type of permit. However, if one wishes to travel further to the northern part of Sikkim, one has to obtain a protected area permit which can be obtained from Gangtok. Areas that require permits are Lachung and Yumthang.