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Amazing Himalayan mountains and greenery in Ladakh (India) 🇮🇳
Photo by Steven Lasry / Unsplash

1 Is Ladakh safe for backpackers?

Yes, Ladakh is the largest mountainous desert region of India on the Himalayas. It is a safe place for backpackers to travel through the pioneers and solo mountain biking during the summer season.

2 What is the height of Ladakh?

The height of Ladakh ranges from 9,800-feet to 20,000-feet above sea level. Ladakh belongs to the highest mountain ranges of the Himalayas in India.

3 Is there a terrorist threat in Ladakh?

No, Ladakh is a high altitude tourist destination in North India. This place is free from any terrorist attack.

Desert mountains in Ladakh, India.
Photo by Steven Lasry / Unsplash

4 Is Leh Ladakh safe for mountain bikers?

Yes, Ladakh is a highway from Leh. It is in good condition for mountain bikers. There are many bike rental services providers in Leh. You can hire them and enjoy the plains of the majestic Himalayas.

5 Is Ladakh the highest road in the world?

Yes, Ladakh has the highest road in the world. Its highest elevation range is 19,300 feet above sea level. It is a motorable road in India. Border Roads Department of India maintains this road.

6 Is Ladakh the highest plateau of India?

Yes, the Ladakh plateau is 9,800 feet above sea level on the Himalayas. This high altitude of this place makes him the highest in India. It is also the center of tourist attraction in Ladakh.

Photo by Aryan Singh / Unsplash

7 When to go to Ladakh to see snow?

The Ladakh region, which is 15,000-feet above mean sea level, receives snow throughout the year. Snowfall occurs during the winter season from November to February. The snow of the mountain remains without melting until the end of April.

8 Does the Indus River flow through Ladakh?

Yes, you can see the Indus river flowing through the entire Ladakh region on your Ladakh journey via road and air travel.