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1When is the best time to visit Manali?

Though Manali is filled with tourists all year round, it is wise to guess what to expect from the weather there, as 2050 meters above sea level, nature plays a major role. The best time to visit Manali is the Indian summer season which usually starts from the middle of March and lasts till the end of June. The second best season is November, December, January and February when the city experiences snowfall and snowfall starts in winter. Winter is a good time to see popular snow-capped tourist destinations in Manali, including the popular Mall Road. Do not travel during the monsoon months of July and August, as there is too much rainfall. Snowboarding or skiing is a great sport to learn. There are many tourist places in Manali where you can learn skiing. The Hamta Valley, located less than 15 km from Malla, for example, is considered one of the best places to learn snowboarding in the Himalayas.

2 Which are Top Tourist Places in Manali?

Hadimba Temple

Located in the old city, Hadimba Devi Temple is definitely one of the best tourist destinations in Manali. If you are in temples, you are going to like its vibe, if not, you are going to like and appreciate its placement. Surrounded by huge windows of cedar trees, the Hadimba temple provides an oasis of peace. The architecture resembles the Japanese own pagoda-shaped roof and shingles. It is possible to walk to Hadimba temple. Taxis can take almost the same amount of time due to increased traffic.

Vasistha hot spring

After Habimba, the next thing I would recommend in this Manali travel blog is Vashistha's hot spring. Vashistha hot spring, 2.5 km from the main city, remains a popular tourist destination in Manali. The hot spring is believed to have medicinal and healing properties. It is possible to bathe in the natural spring (for both men and women), but due to the increasing popularity and with it the increasing crowds, the best time to travel is around 6 am.

After walking a short distance, the serene Manu Temple is located which presents a spectacular travel point to get a view of the valley along the Beas River. Himachal

Culture and Folk Art Museum

Located on the Hadimba Devi Mandir Marg, the Himachal Museum of Culture and Folk Art is definitely one of the top tourist destinations of Manali. It was originally constructed to preserve and restore local art in the area. It is in the museum that you can see models of ancient temples, houses and forts in addition to the stone utensils, utensils and other daily use items which were used by the local families of the region. A visit to this museum will also help you keep an eye on the growth and development of the local Himachali population. So yes, I would definitely suggest you to visit the museum on this travel blog.

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Nehru Kund
Situated at a distance of 6km from Manali Mall Road, Nehru Kund is a fresh cold water spring. Named so after India’s first Prime Minister, Nehru Kund is a very beautiful and picturesque destination to travel to.

One can spend a day picnicking and lazying around, or exploring the nearby jungle and discovering their own trekking route. So yea, if you’re into trekking, count it as one of the top tourist destinations in Manali.

Hamta Valley
Hamta Valley, home to the popular Hamta Pass trek, is another popular tourist destination in Manali. To get there, just drive to the town of Prini (located 3km from Mall Road towards Kullu on Old Kullu-Manali highway) and take a detour — the picturesque Hamta Valley has already begun to keep you awestruck with its beauty.

3 Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass, about 4,000 meters above sea level, is a spectacular destination and the highest mountain pass in the world, making Manali the best tourist destination to experience snow all year round. So yes, Rohtang Pass is a big noise in this Manali travel guide. The slope of the Rohtang Pass provides an opportunity to try skiing and / or tubing. The Rohtang Pass remains blocked in winter due to heavy snowfall, but remains open during the summer and monsoon seasons (between May and November). The Rohtang Pass is located at a distance of about 50 km from the Mall Road and it is possible to go there and spend a few hours on a day trip from Manali to enjoy the snow. It can cost anywhere from 3000 to 7000 rupees depending on the type of regular taxi and how busy the day is to get from Manali to Rohtang Pass and back. Please note that Rohtang Pass is closed to tourists every Tuesday.

4 Where is Pandoh Dam?
Nestled amidst a spectacular patch of greenery, Pandoh dam is truly a worth visiting tourist destination in Manali. If you’re into birdwatching, you can even spot some exotic migratory species taking refuge in the reservoir here. The chaste beauty of Pandoh Dam place is worth mentioning.

The Snow Point in Hamta Valley is the closest of all popular snow destinations near Manali, which remains open throughout the year offering tourists an ideal location to try snow activities during the winter season when Rohtang Pass remains closed.

During summer, Hamta Valley offers a great escape for those who want to explore (and moreover stay) offbeat tourist destinations in Manali.

It is possible to drive all the way to the snow point in Hamta Valley, which is located at about 20km from Manali Mall Road. One can moreover stay in a village in Hamta Valley called ‘Sethan’.

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5 Which are good nearby valleys to explore?
Perhaps one of the smallest valleys to explore, Hallan comprises no more than a dozen villages on its either side and stretches for about 6 km with a connected motorable road, before coming to an end.

The valley offers a real local Himachali experience offering a few accommodation options too for those who want to stay there. A day trip to Hallan Valley is a great way to escape the crowded Manali.

6 Atal Tunnel
Also known as Rohtang Tunnel, Atal Tunnel happens to be the world’s longest highway tunnel. But that’s not the compelling reason to visit Atal Tunnel.

The motivation to visit Atal Tunnel lies in the experience of entering the tunnel (from its south Portal near Manali) from Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas to exiting into Dhauladhar Range. It almost feels akin to flying from one continent (probably Asia with no snow around) to someplace in Europe (say, Iceland).

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7 What is Fojal Valley?
Another offbeat, unheard-of place to visit in under 20km distance from Manali is Fojal Valley. Situated almost halfway between Manali and Kullu, Fojal Valley is also a very small valley comprising of no more than a dozen small villages.

Speaking of its positioning, Fojal Valley runs almost parallel to Kullu Valley from near the town of Patlikuhl. To get there, you need to take a detour from the town of Dhobi (about 3 or 4 km from Patlikuhl).

When you’re in Fojal, you get an impression of being time-transported into the golden age of 70s or 80s offering people a setting where they would want to come to relax, forget their busy life behind, and spend a few nights unwinding and just being in the moment.