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From the hill to see the big ones.
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Amidst the mountain slopes is Manali, enchanting sights for hill lovers, enchanting streams, fairy tale-like little cottages amidst the fog, and a sparkling scent of pine and freshness. Oh, and you can ride a yak or ride your bike to the famous Rohtang Pass to Leh, the Valley of the Gods. Manali suits the needs of every kind of travel mindset. A family in search of some bonding time, a couple for some peace and quiet, a solo traveler for some solitude or a group of friends for an adventure.

1 What is the Weather in Manali?

Average annual temperature: 4 ° C -26 ° C

Summer temperature - 10 ° C - 26 ° C

Winter temperature –15 ° C to 12 ° C

2 What is to pack?

During summer and spring months - Summer clothing + essential and evening light jacket or windsheet During winter - heavy wool, warmer Plus trekking boots, sunscreen, a poncho, comfortable walking shoes and a camera to cherish memories. There are a lot of things in and around Manali. Here is your ULTIMATE travel guide to the hippie town of Manali Himachal.

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3 Why is Kullu Valley famous?

The divine beauty of Kullu, known as The Valley of Gods, is being liked by travelers from all over the world. Adventurists are exploring its forbidden slopes and romantic people are idealizing its tranquil landscape. For almost all reasons or no reason at all, Kullu has never developed any true ice-loving map. Amazing things in Kullu-Manali - Kullu Valley Here is the list of the most sought after things in Kullu-Manali.

1. Visit Hot Springs in Manikaran: Just 1.5 hours from Kullu, Manikaran's most famous hot springs are a sight to the eye. Any experience of Kullu-Manali tourism is incomplete without traveling. Attractions: Visit Manikaran Gurudwara, Naina Bhagwati Temple, Kheerganga and Parvati Valley. Activities: Trekking, shopping, rafting, and going on food trails.

2. Spot some fauna in the Great Himalayan National Park: With 31 species of animals and 181 unnatural species of birds present in the Himalayas, wildlife lovers among you will not be disappointed. Of all the attractions in the valley, this is one of the more aggressive things to do in Kullu Manali. Nearby attractions: Visit the Tirthan valley, enjoy wildlife attractions (snow leopards, blue sheep, Himalayan brown bears, Himalayan Thar). Activities: trekking, camping, bird watching, trout fishing

3. Trek to Kheerganga: Located in the Parvati valley, it is easily one of the most picturesque treks among the great mountains. 11 km - The walkway is bumpy but makes up for it more than the view. Attractions: Walking along the banks of the Parvati River, visiting Manikaran Sahib, trekking up to Tosh, Malana, trying delicious food at the cafe, shop, amidst picturesque landscapes, enjoying the rustic villages, Parvati Kund (a natural hot spring) Go on Activities: Trekking, Camping, Nature Photography Best Time to Visit: May to June and October to September

4. Explore history at Naggar Castle: The former capital of Kullu, Naggar is shining with heritage in the form of temples, a palace, and an art gallery, dedicated to a Russian artist who made Naggar his home. Nearby Attractions: International Roerich Memorial Trust, Uruswamy Himalayan Research Institute, Jagati Patta Temple, Tripura Sundari Temple, Muralidhar Temple, Gauri Shankar Temple.

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4 What are the Best Rated Places to Eat in Kullu?

Spice House Restaurant and Sura Bar: to choose from its finest food and a wide variety of cuisines. (* Photo-optional) Sapna Sweets: Savor local Himachal cuisine at a budget price

5 Why should I visit Solang Valley?

Solang, close to both Kullu and Manali, is a halt in which no true adrenaline-seeker can remember it. You can either spend a night in Solang or use Kullu / Manali as a base, to explore the energy and snow-capped beauty of this valley. Whether you enjoy the thrill or not, the areas of Solang will inspire you to go out and face your fears.

6 What are some Amazing things in Kullu Manali?

Solang Valley

1. Go Paragliding: See the natural beauty of the valley and enjoy the thrill of sailing in the air. Cost: A small fly will cost you between a 600 per person and a high fly will cost you between Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 per person. Go all out, we'll say!

2. Try rock climbing and rappelling: Climb the untamed mountains of Solang and savor the raw adventure. Cost: 700 700 per person.

3. Go Skiing: Embark on the ultimate Himalayan adventure under the slopes of Solang. One should try all things to do in Kullu Manali. Other activities: trekking, gondola riding, zorbing (, 350 per person)

4 snow scooter (₹ 500 per person), amateur skiing (ing 300 per person), and skating.

The Mall/Mall Road, Manali, It is a place that serves you India and many continents with its Human Books garnished with the beautiful landscapes, here nature makes you feel, that nature is the essence of beauty, life, survival, serenity, peace, happiness, and joy.
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7 When is the Best time to go?

If you are going for adventure activities like paragliding trip in summer (May to July), but if you want to enjoy skating or skiing then go in December.