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Udaipur, India
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What is the Best time to visit Udaipur?

The city gets very hot during summer. When you want to travel to Udaipur, the summer months are the best. The winter season is the best for traveling to Udaipur. The weather is pleasant and when traveling in this season you get to see the beautiful places of the city. September to February are the best months to visit Udaipur. You can enjoy an amazing view of Pichola Lake, Fateh Sagar Lake, Dudhai Talai's music garden, and more.

When you come here during these months, the majestic gardens and lakes look picturesque and breathtaking. You can spend time at these places and enjoy the beautiful weather as well as the view. All the colors of nature make your journey worthwhile and make a beautiful picture. Not to miss the sunset of the Jag Mandir Palace. You can also shop for crystal artefacts and many handmade textiles from local markets.

What is the best way to commute?

You can enjoy a trip to Udaipur at your own pace. Those who like hiking and driving can rent a scooter or bullet and cruise around the city at their own pace. You can hire a taxi to do sightseeing in the city on your own time. Group tours are not recommended as you will not enjoy the beauty of leisurely viewing the city.

Spend time in the lake for as many hours as you like, take photos and be immersed in the beauty of the architecture and landscape of palaces and gardens. Get a glimpse of the local culture and heritage by choosing to see the local people, their lifestyle and culture. If you choose your event and do not sign up for tour groups to visit places of interest then you will not be in a hurry as you can organize your itinerary and go about it.

View from city place!
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What are the available options for accommodation?

Stay in a palace hotel if budget suits you then it is an extraordinary experience that you can go to Udaipur. If you want to experience Udaipur, then choose a budget hotel by the side of a lake. If you are a solo traveler, you can choose a homestay or a hostel, which offers home-cooked local food. It is one of the best options to experience the famous Rajasthani cuisine.

The hotel and guest house are available at a budget price. To get the best view of nature and wildlife you can choose a heritage villa by the lake or by the forest. Vacation houses and budget guesthouses in Udaipur are the best places where you can choose. There are many entertainment options for guests to stay in luxurious hotel palaces.

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Know this before going..

Do not say bad things about Fatehnagar

Fatehnagar Lake is a popular picnic spot where people chill and relax. Do not say anything bad about the lake or Fatehnagar because people get angry. It is a place where locals love for its serene beauty and romantic history. Do not speak ill about the culture or heritage of Rajasthan. The people of the city are conservative and cannot welcome your comments.

When you travel to religious places cover yourself and wear traditional Indian clothes. Take off your shoes before entering any temple in Udaipur. If you are going to a gurudwara then cover your head because if you do not follow these rules then it is considered a mark of insult. When you are visiting religious places in Udaipur, avoid wearing short clothes or sleeveless clothes.

Take the Heritage Walk on the Palace

Monsoon Palace, City Palace and many other royal palaces have grand gardens where you can take a heritage walk and learn about the history and culture of the palace. Note the architectural details and artefacts of these palaces, which are built in the Indo-Mughal architectural style and have distinctive features. Rajasthani architecture is unique and complex, unlike what you will see in various historical monuments.

Soak in the grandeur of these palaces and enjoy the beautiful sunset view of the lake palaces. Some palaces are built with European and mixed architectural styles, like the City Palace. Every palace has different features and design elements that you can take care of. Udaipur is one of the most suitable places to have a romantic vacation. You can participate in the Light and Sound Show held in most of the historical palaces of the city.

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Bargaining and Ignorance Act

Local markets are the best places to shop for handicrafts. Negotiate at half price and do not act like a tourist because you are prone to scams. Protect your luggage with a pickpocket. Hathi Pol Bazaar is one of the most famous street markets to do some street shopping in Udaipur. You can get good deals by wearing souvenirs, garments with bandhan prints, and bargains.

Do Not Walk Alone In The Night

Though Udaipur is safe for solo women travelers it is advised not to venture alone after 20.00 hours. Pubs and lounges are open up to the wee hours and are not ideal places to venture alone. You can leave the solo hiking to day time. Carry maps, GPS, and know-how to read the signboards when you visit Udaipur. Avoid wearing scanty clothes even during the day time. Wear comfortable and unrevealing clothes to avoid stares from the locals.

You are likely to get stares from the locals as they do it blatantly. Do not wear any clothes that can invite trouble or make them pass remarks. Locals are friendly and traditional. Respect the traditions of the place and do not mingle with strangers. Avoid autos or rickshaws who want to show you a good place to stay. You are likely to find beggars in front of the historical places, do not encourage them.

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Always Keep Cash And Change
Most of the places you shop at or want to eat might not accept credit or debit cards. Keep cash handy. This is one of the best ways to experience the local life and culture. Avoid drinking tap water as it is not safe. Always ask for bottled water at the places you eat. There are many local markets to shop for sculptures, sarees, cushion covers that have Rajasthani needlework.

Savour the street food at Fatehnagar. There is a list of local foods you can relish such as Jalebies, Kachori, daal baati, Dabeli, Chaat, chai, and paan. You can eat the Rajasthani thali at the restaurants that offer vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. Enjoy the Thandai which is a Rajasthani traditional drink at the eating joints.

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Only Use Licensed Guides

Check the photo ID of the guides before you opt for one for touring. Do not accept auto wallas or the rickshaws to tout you towards the tourist guides or coax you into shopping more. You must be alert when traveling in busy areas and check for the authenticity of the items you shop for. Only buy travel tickets from authorized dealers. Get a receipt for every item you purchase. You must know that most of the people in Rajasthan are known for their business acumen and only mean business.

You might not even get the information about a route for free. You might be charged for asking the route. Do not get offended as this is a common practice found in Rajasthan. You might not get any information for free. There are no freebees in Rajasthan as they are known to be business people. Though hospitality is high, these are pointers to keep in mind when you travel to Udaipur. Water will also be charged in restaurants.