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Photo by Raghav Yadav / Unsplash

1What is the Area Geography like in Manali?

Manali is located in the Kullu district of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The Sutlej River and the Beas River pass through the meadows and rocky terrain. Manali also provides access to the Kinnaur, Lahaul, Spiti regions of Himachal Pradesh and the Leh and Zanskar regions of Jammu and Kashmir.

2 Is Manali well connected to the Internet?

internet Being a popular hill station, most hotels and restaurants will have good WiFi connectivity.

3 What are the drinking laws in Manali?

25 years is the minimum age for consumption of alcohol in Manali.

Photo by ADITYA PRAKASH / Unsplash

4 tipping

10-15% of the billing amount is acceptable for tipping; Not required if you are already paying service tax.

5 Is it safe to travel to Manali?

Manali has a low crime rate and is therefore considered relatively safe. However, petty offenses such as pickpocketing or bag snatching are common. It is advised to always be careful with your surroundings and avoid moving to isolated areas. Do not flash valuables such as cameras and jewelery in the open. Try not to summon unwanted attention.

6 When is the best time to visit ?

best times to travel Although Manali is filled with tourists all year round, it is wise to guess what to expect from the weather there, as 2050 meters above sea level, nature plays a major role. The best time to visit Manali is the Indian summer season which usually starts from the middle of March and lasts till the end of June.

Photo by Ayaneshu Bhardwaj / Unsplash

7 Where can I shop locally in Manali?

Mall Road

Mall Road is the heart and soul of Manali and is your answer to all shopping needs. It is an ideal place to pick up some souvenirs and handicrafts such as Tibetan shawls, carpets and woolen hats, among other things. One can also taste and sample the local cuisine and catch the pulse of Manali. The best time to visit Mall Road is in the evening when the place is accompanied by family tourists, backpackers and locals.

Tibetan Market

As the name suggests, the Tibetan market is the place where you will find everything Tibetan. If you are looking for adventure products such as backpacks and trekking shoes, or local Tibetan handicrafts such as shawls, prayer wheels and Buddhist paintings then this is a better alternative to Mal Road. Between the Mall Road and the Tibetan market, if you have to choose one, this Manali travel blog will vote for the Tibetan market.

Old Manali Market

If shopping on crowded streets is not your thing and you prefer a more western and hippie setting, then hit the market in Old Manali with Cobblestone streets. Although there is not much difference in the type of products you have in the Old Manali market and Mall Road, the ambience that the two provide is vaguely different.