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Famous Festivals and Events in Rajasthan Rajasthan, the land of grand forts, amazing palaces and amazing havelis for India's most attractive festival state. In the last few years, Rajasthan has organized many programs ranging from dance music festivals and camels to balloon shows and literature festivals. Hence a great commendable experience through your programs or seeing the different colors of the state.

1. Pushkar Fair

The "Pushkar Camel Fair" is considered one of the world's largest annual camel and livestock trade fairs. Apart from helping in the commercial purpose (livestock trade), this five-day carnival is a fusion of camels, culture and color; Not only are the performances of thousands of camels, cattle and horses, but various exhilarating activities for tourists such as traditional folk performances, competitions and races (camel, horse and donkey races) attract everyone to the state.

2. Elephant Festival, Jaipur

One of Rajasthan's most heart-rending event, majestic or majesticly adorned elephants (brocade jackets, brightly-turbaned and traditional jewelery) with many competitions such as elephant race, elephant polo and elephant tug at the "Elephant Festival in Jaipur". Opportunity to see. -of- war (between animal and man and much in a grand way is really an experience like no other.

3. Desert Festival, Jaisalmer

The three-day action-packed "Desert Festival, Jaisalmer" showcases the life and culture of Rajasthan in a big way. It has unique and exotic camel races, camel polo, folk music, snake charmers, turban tying contests, the famous Mr. Desert competition and many more activities amidst the thick and sun-burnt sand of the Thar Desert. Festival.

4. Mewar Festival, Udaipur

The spring season is welcomed with great fervor, cheer, food, song and dance at another famous festival of Rajasthan, "Mewar Festival, Udaipur". Colored attendees take pictures of Goddess Gauri for immersion in a procession of boats in Lake Pichola which are the signs of the completion of the festival.

5. Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Jodhpur

One of the most awaited and incomparable five-day concerts so far, "Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Jodhpur" will bring together various folk musicians and artists from India and around the world in Yemen, Scotland, Australia and many of them with innate talents Will cooperate under one roof. There is no doubt that an exciting combination of international Indian folk music with an electrifying performance in the magnificent "Mehrangarh Fort" is an opportunity of a lifetime for anyone seeking an unusual charisma.

6. Jaipur Literature Festival The largest literary festival on earth,

the "Jaipur Literature Festival" brings together some of the most brilliant, clever, sensitive and brilliant collections around the world for writers in India, reading, debating and spending five days in the beautiful "Diggy Palace" Discussion of Rajasthan. If literature is not your thing / you do not want to be close to your favorite authors, then there is also great music and food on offer.

7. Summer Festival, Mt. Abu

When there is a rough / dry summer in the desert lands of Rajasthan, its only hill station - Mount Abu offers greater relief while surviving with its unique three-day "Summer Festival, Mt. Abu"; Buddha Purnima Days Beginning with the summer festival, the opening ceremony of the summer festival includes the singing of ballads, followed by folk dance styles of ger, ghoomar and daf, Sham-e-Qawwali. Along with folk culture, the festival is a celebration of other events Also hosts, such as horse racing, tug of war, skating races, CRPF band shows, boat races at Nikki Lake and the final but least concluding ceremony that includes a spectacular display of fireworks, making it a one-of-its-graceful experience.

8. Matsya Festival, Alwar

The two-day "Matsya Utsav" in Alwar showcases the richness, traditional values ​​and colorful customs of the region for its colorful processions, cultural performances, an array of sporting events, impressive artistic exhibitions and numerous events, including any There is no doubt that there is something for everyone.

9. Camel Festival, Bikaner

An annual "Camel Festival" held in the traditional city of Bikaner, also known as the camel capital of the country, attracts local, national and international visitors through various events such as camel processions, camel races, tug of war, camel dances, and camels. Attracts In addition to dressing competitions, etc., camel festivals offer plenty of options for eating, including souvenir-shopping, photography, and other places to look out, including skirt-walking folk dancers, fire dancers, and dazzling fireworks shows. The ones that light up the night sky cover over Desert City.

10. Urs Fair, Ajmer

One of the largest Muslim fairs in the country, "Urs Mela, Ajmer", which is celebrated in the memory of "Khwaja Muin-Nadin Chishti" at Dargah Sharif,

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