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If you’ve booked a vacation to the beautiful beach paradise of Fiji, be warned that there is a high probability that you wouldn’t want to ever go back home! Bula Vinaka (translates to warm hello) to Fiji- an archipelago of 333 islands, all of which are enveloped with pristine crystal blue water, brimming with underwater life and vibrant corals, an island packed with adventures, endless beaches to lounge on and some of the warmest and friendliest locals! Fiji will surely soothe your soul and refresh your mind!

We travelled on those Dhoani (boats) from K. Maafushi island to have some fun in a sand bank surrounded by the beauty.
Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky / Unsplash

There are a number of things that you must do and see while you’re on the island, but before we get to that let’s talk a bit about the best time to visit Fiji. The peak season is in December, January and in July when flocks of Aussies and Kiwis visit the island as it is school vacation time! This definitely means that you can expect higher prices for stay and food. We recommend visiting Fiji during the shoulder season, in May, June or from August to October, for high temperatures, less rainfall, and a low risk of cyclones!

As we said earlier, once here, you might never want to leave! But that said, one week would be the perfect amount of time to explore the island. There are a lot many islands and all of them have a lot of alternatives for accommodation that fits all budgets! You could island hop and stay on different ones every day or stay in Viti Levu, the largest island, for 2-3 days and then take a 3-4 day long cruise around little Fijian Islands to explore deserted beaches, little villages, and some of the prettiest snorkeling and diving spots in the entire world!

Now, let’s jump back to talking more about all the things that you can do on the Fijian Islands!

1.     Participate in a kava ceremony!

The Fijian way of welcoming guests is with a traditional kava ceremony where the host prepares a drink by pounding the kava root, while everyone else huddles around the host on the floor in a circle. The host first takes a sip and passes the drink around for everyone else to take a sip. Definitely participate in one and do take a sip! You never know, you may just love the taste!

2.     Lounge around all day long..

Needless to say, you’ll find so many secluded beaches in Fiji where you can have the entire shore to yourself to sunbathe on or go swimming or snorkeling in the azure blue waters! Your beach vacation cannot get better than this. Sip on some coconut water and watch a majestic sunset before heading to a delicious Fijian dinner under a sky full of stars!

3.     Did someone say adventure sports?

Fiji has a variety of adventure sports that you could choose from! Heck, you could even have one for each day of the week! Ziplining through the lush Fijian forest, trekking on jungle trails in Bouma National Heritage Park, white water rafting in the upper Navua River, surfing or even kite surfing at Cloudbreak or Mamanuca Islands, skydive or dive underwater and explore the vibrant underwater world! We told you that there’s one for each day of the week.

4. Explore the Bouma National Heritage Park

This national park is among the top attractions in Fiji and is located in the north of Taveuni Island. This is where you need to go for some heavy duty jungle trekking through the Vidawa Rainforest Trail, which ends at waterfalls that plunge into deep pools that are just perfect for swimming! This trek is a half day long guided trek.

5. Visit Koroyanitu National Heritage Park

Koroyanitu National Heritage Park is another wonderful place for hiking past waterfalls and through forest trails. You can climb up Castle Rock for a bird’s eye view over the Mamanuca and Yasawas Islands (It’s a challenging four-hour hike one way). There’s another two-hour hike that will take you past a giant waterfall and to the Navuratu village. Do note that both the national parks are rich with flora and fauna, so you could simply visit the park to enjoy mother nature!

6. Visit the Garden of the Sleeping Giant

The Sleeping Giant Garden covers over 50 acres of land and is filled with native orchids, exotic plants, and tropical flowers. A jungle walk will take you past a huge lily pond and through a native forest. This is a great place to go to for a morning stroll. Don’t forget to take along a mini picnic!

7. Take a day trip from Viti Levu

If you’ve decided to stay on the island of Viti Levu, which is the largest island in Fiji, then you can opt for a day tour which includes day-long cruises to nearby islands, hikes, walking tours or river safaris. Many day tours would give you a chance to explore the real Fiji by visiting villages in the countryside where you can interact with the locals and spend time with kids in school! You can take along some stationery as a gift for the kids as the schools do not usually accept donations in cash! Fiji has the friendliest locals and this part would definitely be one of the highlights of your trip.

8. Exploring Fiji on a Cruise

The best way to experience a bunch of tiny Fijian islands and wake up to a new beach every day is to take a cruise around the Fiji islands. After exploring all the attractions on land, it’s time to go island hopping and booking a 3-4 days long cruise is a fantastic way to go about it! You could pick from cruises to Mamanuca Islands or the volcanic Yasawa Islands, both of which include visits to idyllic, stunning, gorgeous new beaches and islands every single day! Lounge on the secluded beaches, swim, snorkel, hike or take part in some watersports, you will truly be spoilt with choices! The best part has definitely got to be waking up to beautiful sunrises and spectacular sunsets, all the while being surrounded by glimmering blue water!

Indulge in traditional Lovo Feasts, take part in Meke dances and interact with the friendly locals apart from thoroughly enjoying your island vacation in Fiji. There’s so much to explore on this island or choose to simply laze around, we won’t judge! But the one thing that you MUST do is take some amazing pictures of your incredible island vacation and we recommend that you leave that to the professional vacation photographers from Travographer. Our photographers are the best at what they do and are locals; hence they’ll know all there is to know about the best locations for an incredible photo shoot! So go on and hire one of our photographers to follow you around as you create beautiful memories onthe beautiful island of Fiji!