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Beautiful lake and mountains in Indian Himalayas, Ladakh region 🇮🇳
Photo by Steven Lasry / Unsplash

Ques 1: How to reach Ladakh?

Ans: For reaching Ladakh you can get daily flights from Delhi to Leh Ladakh from all the major airports. If you are travelling by roads then there are two options, Srinagar and Manali. Your journey will take two days with one night’s stop through both Srinagar and Manali. These roads are open from the month of May to October.

Ques 2: Can I reach Leh by Train?

Ans: No, there is no train service to Leh. Get to Jammu and from there you can take bus or shared Taxi to Leh Via Srinagar & Kargil. Alternatively, you could come to Chandigarh by Train and reach leh via Manali by Road

Ques 3: How fit should I be for a Ladakh trip?

Ans: As you will be riding on a very high altitude you should be aware of the weather condition and also take care of your health. You should keep in mind that cardio exercises are your real friends for few days. The air is very thing at high altitude like Baralach La, and Khardung la so if you keep yourself fit by doing some cardio exercises it will be easier for you there. Here is our guide that will help you to prepare you and your bike for Ladakh trip.

Stunning view of Himalayas mountains, in the Ladakh region 🇮🇳
Photo by Steven Lasry / Unsplash

Ques 4: What are the best bikes for Ladakh trip?

Ans: For your best experience in the mountains Royal Enfields are the best bike to have the bike ride to Ladakh for your daring trip. These bikes are great and easily cruise on highways as well as the rocky terrain of Ladakh. It is advisable for you to choose a bike with higher displacements which will put less weight on a motor and you can cover bigger distances. Select the bike which suits you the best.

Ques 5: What kind of accommodation is available in Ladakh?

Ans: Ladakh hotels are segregated into four different categories- A, B, C and D. When it comes to A class hotels, their facilities and services are simply comparable to any 3-star hotel. Each hotel in Leh is designed with the traditional architecture of the region and feature oversized rooms equipped with modern amenities. These rooms are furnished with Ladakhi and Tibetan décor. You can also check out the list of best homestays in Ladakh that will let you witness the Ladakhi culture like no other.

Photo by Rish Agarwal / Unsplash

Ques 6: What kind of clothing is required for the trip?

Ans: While you are traveling to Ladakh always be prepared for the cold which you are going to face here. Make sure you cross check the list of all the essentials things you must carry for Ladakh trip. You also might be facing a zero degree temperature along with windy conditions. So carry woolen clothing with which should include: Woolen Cap Gloves Warm & wind proof jacket

Ques 7: What is the average travel duration each day?

Ans: Average travel duration is 6-7 hrs each day, besides the journey from Jispa-Leh (12 hrs) & Leh-Tsomorrirri. Total it might be around 8 to 9 hours according to your plan.

Ques 8: Is it very cold in Ladakh?

Ans: Yes it's very cold, extremely cold. If you are on a journey on a motorcycle, then it's even worse. When you will reach Khradungla the air will get thinner here and you will start to feel colder. Even though you will be covered with jackets and helmet the cold can be unbearable. So it is advisable that you wear warmers inside because Ladakh winters are extremely cold.

Ques 9: How long does it take to get acclimatized in Ladakh?

Ans: If you are travelling to a height of around 3500 meters, it is seen that most people abrubtly feel the changes all at once. The time taken to acclimatization may vary from person to person. For some it might need the whole 1st day for rest and for some you can just carry on fine. Try to avoid alcohol at least for the first three days, and drink water, juice and tea as much as possible.

Ques 10: Will there be any lack of oxygen in Ladakh?

Ans: Anybody who is travelling 10,000 above sea level will find difficulty in breathing or is likely to fall prey to altitude sickness. It happens due to low level of atmospheric oxygen. Ques 11: What are the symptoms of High Altitude sickness? How long does it take to get acclimatize in Ladakh? Ans: When you are in Ladakh the most common problem faced by the people here are loss of appetite, acute mountain sickness, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, nose bleeding, shortness of breath and drowsiness. These are the most common symptoms of High Altitude Sickness.