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Goa is without doubt India’s West Coast paradise. From the glorious sands of Anjuna beach to the electric nightlife of Tito’s Road, there are many well-loved places to visit in Goa that has long been popular with holiday goers. There’s so much to experience in this special part of India that it can be hard to know where to begin.

Featuring exclusive insight from some of the world’s top travel writers, this Expedia guide is here to help you get the best out of your Goa trip. Goa is a destination friendly to different travel tastes and budget, from quiet family retreat to adventure-fueled vacation. With the help of our expert travel writers who have different travel styles, we’ve put together tips on enjoying the different sides of Goa. Hit the best backpacker spots in Goa on a budget, or check in to luxury beach resorts for a relaxing time with the family.

Goa Tourism

With over 100km of glorious golden coastline, exquisite cuisine and a rich Portuguese heritage, Goa has long been India’s most loved resort destination. Ever since the colonial times India’s smallest state has attracted holidaymakers from all over the world, and tucked into the sub-continent’s south-west coast, Goa’s exciting twist on traditional Indian culture is unlike anywhere else in the country.


As Portugal’s first colony in India, Goa was once the pillar for a vast spice trade network for nearly 500 years until it was liberated by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1961. Thanks to the influx of tourism over the last 50 years however, it is among India’s richest states and undoubtedly boasts some of the best beaches in all of Asia.

With over 2 million tourists annually Goa is now the preferred getaway for India’s growing middle class too, and from historic architecture to spiritual sanctuaries, offers a unique blend of unforgettable, spectacular experiences.

Where to Stay: Goa Hotels

Tourism in Goa is an important part of life. There are lots of hotels and accommodation to choose from, at different price points.

Playing host to hundreds of thousands of visitors around the Christmas and New Year periods, accommodation will be at a premium throughout Goa, so it is essential to book beforehand if you plan to visit Goa in December. Not only to get the best deals online but to also save you the hassle when you’re there. However during the non-peak season, spending a little more on accommodation can really get you a lot!

Budget Hotels in Goa

For the budget-minded traveler, you’re never too far away from a cheap hotel or backpacker lodging. These types of accommodation can range from bare rooms with simple mattresses to impressively furnished guest houses, and because they’re run by local families a home-cooked meal might even be included the price!

Montego Bay Beach Village - Budget hotel in Goa

3 star hotel, Montego Bay Beach Village, Goa

By going off the beaten track in Goa you’ll be able to find cheap hotels, B&Bs and backpacker hostels for very reasonable prices, however prices will start to rise the closer you get to the coastal belt and city areas.

A standard double room typically comes with a basic bathroom and fan. Note that prices can double in peak season. Before paying, always try to check the condition of the room if possible (whether or not the toilet works, etc.) as some places don’t share the same standards of quality while continuing to charge similar prices.

Alternatively, and for the best taste of rural Goa, family houses are cheap and allow you to experience local culture at its finest, although baths and toilets will most likely be in small outhouses.


Mid-Range Hotels in Goa

The majority of accommodation in Goa consists of mid-range, reasonably priced hotels, typically offering maid and room service, guest bars and restaurants, and Wi-Fi internet. During the off season there’s rarely need to book these in advance, with very little price difference compared to budget hotels.


The Hawaii Comforts, 3 Star hotel in Goa

A room with a good-sized bed, en suite toilet, hot and cold water, cable television, air conditioning and even a balcony can cost as little as 500-800 Rupees per night, although its safer to expect most prices to range upwards from 1000 Rupees.


Luxury hotels in Goa

Luxury Goa hotels and long-term rentals, such as 3-5 star hotels and private villas are most popular with families and short term travelers.

Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort - 4 Star Goa Hotel

Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort, 4 Star Goa Hotel

Although expensive, the standard of luxury is unmatched, and rooms often look out onto the shoreline with easy access to the beach and local markets. Offering a selection of restaurants, swimming pools, room sizes and gym and spa facilities, tourists can expect to pay anywhere between 4,000 and 10,000 Rupees per night.


Goa Long Term Rentals

For those looking to travel Goa for months rather than weeks, long term rentals are the most cost-effective option. Rent prices can range from village to village, however all facilities are typically included in the price, and houses can sleep anywhere from 2 to 10 people, making this type of accommodation popular with large groups. Owners tend to offer significant discounts to travelers who book months at a time and provide bigger initial deposits!


“The accommodation in Goa is fantastic, from rustic and funky little huts on the beach, to stunning hotels and guest houses, there’s really a room for every budget in Goa. You can pretty much just walk around any town in the state and find a good place to stay. In Anjuna, there are plenty of places set right along the water and on quiet back roads, just meters from the sand.
In Panaji, the state’s capital, there are beautiful hotels and guest houses set in old Portuguese buildings, with tiled roofs and small, cement balconies. No matter where you go in Goa, you’ll be amazed at the accommodation its incredible value for money!”
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