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Goa offers the best of sun, sand, surf, seafood and… shopping! From the street markets in Baga to the night market of Arpora, and from the bustling MMC market to high end stores, Goa has it all.

1. Flea market on Anjuna beach

Every Wednesday, Anjuna hosts the most popular flea market in Goa. Here you will find everything from clothes and home decor to Indian spices and even musical instruments. There is also plenty on offer of food and entertainment. A great place to shop in Goa.

Location: Anjuna

2. Night market in Arpora

This bustling night market sees a lot of tourists every weekend. It is filled with many food stalls, clothing and niches vendors, and entertainment options from all over the world. Here you can find everything from helmets to telescopes!

Location: Arpora

3. Tibetan Market on Baga Road

The market is open from October to May and here you will find some of the finest jewelery for men and women as well as prayer flags, karats, bells, chimes and even furniture. Make sure you use your bargaining skills here.

Location: Baga

4. Mapusa Fish Market

The market is a big hit for locals as well as tourists, who want to see fresh produce from the sea such as lobster and prawns. But, this market also offers in the form of clothes, scarves and belts for a much more reasonable price.

Location: Mapusa

5. Baga-Calangute Road

If you are looking for summer clothes, this section of the road will not disappoint. Here you can pick up everything: shorts, clothes, jewelery, swimwear and even furniture. Be sure to negotiate to ensure you get the best deal.

Location: Baga-Calangute Road

6. Panjim Market

If you want to bring back the famous cashew, port wine, spices and curry paste of Goa then it is a shopper's paradise. It also has some good eateries and don't forget to check out the works of local favorite Mario Miranda.

Location: Panjim

7. McKay's Night Market

If you are looking for a well-rounded shopping experience, then visit this super central night market. Here you can sell everything from clothes to home decor and souvenirs at over 100 stalls. There are also many restaurants and places to party nearby.

Location: Arpora

8. Jade Jagger Beach

Boutique Yes, you also get high fashion in Goa and this explosion of color on Ashwame beach is none other than British designer Jade Jagger, the daughter of Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. Here you will find Flory Dresses and Jewelery.

Location: Ashwamedha

9. Le Souk

If you are looking for high-end items in Goa, Le Souk by Amarya is the prime location. This open-air market has tent stores where you can find some of the best national and international designers. Nappa Dori, Shades of India and Jonas G are worth checking out.

Location: Ashwamedha

10. Beech Candy

This cute little Morjim beach store works with many non-governmental organizations across Mumbai and everything you buy here will benefit the artisans. Buy beautiful maxi dresses, ikat clutch and other traditional garments that make for great gifts.

Location: Morjim

11. CocoRoots

Be sure to visit this store as it has a type of jewelery that makes for the perfect gift to take back home. All the ornaments here are inspired by nature. The pieces are made of bone, coconut, and horn (morally approved: they use these parts from already dead animals). Look out for their stalls at various flea markets in Goa.

Location: Anjuna Markets and shops in South Goa

12. MMC Market

Also called Gandhi Bazaar, it is one of the most bustling areas in South Goa which is popular with locals and tourists. They have costumes as well as handmade soaps, home time and lots of spices.

Location: Margo

13. Colva Beach

To shop on the beach side, visit the Colva beach, where you can find a lot of clothes as well as take the tip of the knuckle. Rates may fluctuate to ensure bargaining. Location: Colva Beach

14. Palolem Market

This market is a great place to cool off on a Saturday night. Here you can find stalls selling many items related to the beach as well as clothes, souvenirs as well as food and many more. Location: Palolem Stores & Shops in South Goa 15. rhyme This small store is filled with household items as well as many gift items. Here you will find mugs, coasters, coin pouches inspired by India and Goa and more. The prices are reasonable and the owners are very helpful.

Location: Colva Beach